Writing up VS Writing down

Writing up VS Writing down

Writing up VS Writing down is something you have to decide for yourself the moment you pick up the title of writer, poet, author or even a blogger. The reason why is because you have to decide what words you want to use. What words you will use to convey your message and how you want your message to be received.

I believe that when you write something that is meant to be read by others you have to take into consideration who will read it. Now, of course, most writers do this, or at least I hope they do. But there is this certain group of writers who simply refuse to adjust their words to the demographic they are presenting it to.

Writing up VS Writing down is the ever present issue of writing something that people feel or something that will uplift their vocabulary.

That is the point I was trying to make in this poem, whereas my collaboration partner had the privilege of defending those who write up. Finding the most exquisite way to describe as elegantly as possible the scene unfolding in your story. And he did an amazing job of it. Because it’s also the responsibility of the writer to educate and inform the reader of something new. That’s why you can use those “big” words that will help increase the vocabulary of the reader. But using them back to back just confuses the reader in my opinion. You lose them in the beauty of your words, and it might sound pretty, but they don’t understand you. And I feel that if you create that situation, you will have lost the person reading it.

Of course, when it comes to poetry and spoken word, it’s a whole different beast.  I truly believe that when you write a poem you need to come to mind what you’re going to do with it. If it’s meant to be performed on stage, please write something that people can relate to in a way that resonated with them. Not with your own definition of aesthetics or what you feel “poetry” should sound like. I cant tell you how many poetry events I’ve been to, where the poet just stands there reading this beautiful sounding poem, that in my mind didn’t make any sense or just bored the heck out of me.

So when it comes to Writing up VS Writing down, I truly believe that writing your truth is the key. And you need to make it understandable while still being beautiful. That is the essence of being a writer in my eyes. Feel free to write as beautiful as you can, just keep in mind that a “pity applause” doesn’t look too good if you ask me.

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