When is it time to grow up?

When is it time to grow up?

Have you ever wondered when exactly you can consider yourself a grown up? For me, well I tend to try to stay away from it as far as I can. Because “grown up” for me means that you “settle down” and stop chasing dreams. So when is it time to grow up? I feel like the best answer would be when you have achieved all of your dreams. And you don’t feel like there is anything more to do in life and thus you just spend your days with one single routine.

When is it time to grow up and let go of your dreams?

Working every day and occasionally going on vacation. Having a steady income and a steady stream of bills you have to pay. Seeking refuge in some kind of distraction that will enable you to make it through each day. Some start drinking, some start smoking, others just watch TV and others download loads of unique stuff. As for me, I am just trying to figure out the answer to the question “when is it time to grow up?”

And till I reach that answer I will just ponder the question as I try to enjoy life as someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time “wasting time”. And yes, I just called routine a waste of time. Because to me spending every day the same way is what hell is made of. So if you ask me “when is the time to grow up?” I will answer you with a “never”. Because the moment you stop dreaming, is the moment life loses its taste.

That was the thought process behind this spoken word poem. Because lately, it feels as if the world is trying to tell me that I need to stop traveling and build something made for routine. But my drive to be better, to keep growing far exceeds that nonsense.

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Vino Venitas