What writing feels like

What writing feels like

Being a poet is worthwhile for a countless collection of reasons. Being a writer is beautiful due to the fact that you can create worlds by simply combining words. I have the luck of being both and I can tell you, its one heck of a thing.

But being a writer and poet can also be extremely scary. Writing by itself can be pretty daunting and that’s why it scares most people into not even trying. I tried my best as a poet to create a poem that accurately describes what writing feels like. I had to add a little bit of drama to make it come across, but all in all, its pretty much on point if you ask me.

What writing feels like is a hard thing to describe.

I have had the great fortune of being around writers for a long time, and all of these writers have the same mentality when it comes to writing. Its addictive and you kind of want to keep doing it. For me writing is therapy, it helps relieve all the bad stuff in my mind. That’s why for me it’s all about reaching into the darkness and bringing out what I find.

Jumping into hell and finding the proper way to navigate to the words I’m looking for. It’s a scary thing but necessary for me to maintain my sanity. And since it’s like that for me, I am making the assumption it’s the same for some others as well.

What does it feel like for you to write? Is it all about the technical aspects of it all, or is it more about the healing effect it might have on you?

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