What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

Ok so, I have noticed this trend with people where they come up with this nonsense that they are starting over and would like to erase all they have done so far. This makes absolutely no sense for several reason, but I am not gonna drop them all for you, I will just drop a few main points that might help you understand why this way of thinking is just RETARDED!

1. If you have created something WITH someone, it means that this is NO longer just YOUR work. Its now the work of 2 people, or maybe even more. If both parties put in effort to create something, shouldnt then both parties have a say in the manner on how to proceed with the product? If you feel like you can just decide by yourself, because you now feel that your image is different or you want to change it, you are just a selfish piece of SH*T. Plus the product might be a crucial part of someones portfolio, and has been so for years, so to ask them to simply remove it is just … you get the point. So once more … What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

2. Now this is the one that takes me for a loop EVERYTIME. Most people want to change, so they want to erase the past, but when this involves creative pieces of work it would make sense if you had work that people would actually look for. Most of these retarded people, tend to want to erase stuff NO ONE looks at, or has been looking for, for YEARS. Meaning its just sitting there collecting dust, and will continue to do so REGARDLESS of what  you do NOW, with your so called new self. Meaning, if you had like a 120 hits for 4 years now … its likely that it will continue to stay there … TRUST ME!!!!!!! So can you answer my question: What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

3. What you did got you where you are, what you did is what shows that you have grown. If you erase what you have done it just goes to show people that you are a pretty scared person who is afraid to show what they are capable of. Its utter nonsense to present yourself as a final product, without showing the growth in how you got there. This goes for both creative people and for regular folks, who want to hide their past. If people judge you on your past, then they wont be of any value to your future. And as a quick side question … WHAT if you feel like you want to REMAKE yourself again … does that mean you will erase all you have done NOW!!? So you can once again ask yourself then: What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

4. There are several ways to go about this, when you feel like you want to remove your old stuff and your old stuff is with other people. You can just ask them, and if they dont do it, it just means that they dont want to. At that point look at number one … Another way to do this is to take legal actions … but this folks might just be the dumbest thing to do … because now not only does it show that you dont care about the relationship, you are actually willing to place someones business in jeopardy for your own selfish desires. If you asked them and they dont want to do it, try to convince them … if you cant convince them, then try another route before taking the legal step … its just retarded folks … yeah it is. So What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?

5. Now this is a pretty specific point … if you go to an event and perform KNOWING that you will be recorded and placed online, it makes sense that you perform knowing so. So if you KNOW this will happen, that means you agree with the rules and regulations set forth in the online agreement or contract you have signed. Meaning that the footage of your performance doesnt belong to you anymore, the words YES the video NO! And since you agreed to be recorded, you forfeited all the rights hence forth. Once again … the words still belong to you, but the footage and audio is OURS. Im getting pretty darn tired of all these damn people with their nonsense … just tell me honestly “What the f*ck is wrong with the old you?”

That concludes the rant of a mind frustrated by people. You shouldnt try to hide who you are, and you damn sure shouldnt try to erase what you have done in the past. Its just a selfish act, that doesnt consider your possible fans, or people who started to like you BECAUSE of that work or things you have done. Instead you should just be proud of what you have done, and just leave it be. You dont have to reference it, you dont have to point towards it, you dont have to make a big hassle about the past, but you shouldnt try to erase it. And as a final point … lets be fair here for a second folks … how far do you think you will make it? Do you truly believe you will reach a stage where your past will or can be used against you? People have these ideas of grandeur, these illusions of magnificence that are just based on hopes. And they just expect everyone to follow along and do as they ask or say.

And in case you still feel like I am wrong, or in case you still feel like what I said wasnt true. What kind of music is Kanye West making now, compared to his old music? Did he try to erase all his old music, did he try to ban all his old albums? What kind of moves is Jay Z making now in business, did he try to downplay his musical career? Did he try to erase all his previous work, just so he can be perceived differently by people in the business world? If those two have reached the plateau you are striving for, then who are you to try to diminish your own work. As if the old you was some dirty rag, that was just below dirt. And even if that was the damn case, it just shows that you have grown, and become something admirable … Im tired of people hiding from their past … be the F*CK YOU!!!!!