What ruins relationships

What ruins relationships

I feel like I have written about this many times. But this is the first time I did it together with someone. Love and relationships and the intricacy of both is a topic that poets just love to touch upon. I am no exception as you can tell from most of my pieces. But this one was special because this was the first time I went to the core of what goes wrong.

What ruins relationships is one of those questions that ring through the ages.

Most people love to think that their relationship is special. And that their problems are unique to their relationship. The problem with that way of thinking is that its wrong. Well not wrong but more so that it’s just a bit naïve. Because most relationships have similarities with others, that’s why most people LOVE to give advice on what they would do or did.

But ok, so what ruins relationships is often the fact that people get used to a situation. They get used to the things that occur and thus take them for granted. Once people start taking things for granted, they start getting bored with it. And once people get bored … they start looking for excitement in different places. And that’s often what ruins relationships.

It’s also a fact that most people tend to keep their frustration to themselves because they feel like bringing their true feelings into the relationship will ruin it. And that will just create this unseen rift that could very possibly be what ruins relationships.

Sometimes the past catches up with people and sometimes others step into the relationship to bring it down. But most of the times its just the fact that the initial excitement of being together has faded. The so-called “love you forever” has turned into “I don’t love you enough”. And that’s usually the biggest answer to the question “what ruins relationships?”

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Vino Venitas