Week 9 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 9 Social Media Experiment Results

Lets go … Im real tired today, and kinda dont wanna do this one. But since its the experiment and those are the rules I will have to abide by what I set out.


Weeks hits: 4

Subscriptions: 162

Yeah … NOT coo … totally NOT coo, but its understandable seeing as how the vids I have been making werent that viral worthy. But I am working on increasing the overall quality of the vids that be coming up.


Followers: 304

Good increase on this one, and it seems that the technique I picked up from the internet is a valid one, as it gives me more followers than I would have gotten by just posting on a regular base.

Vino Venitas

Weeks hits: 27

Kind of hung up on this one


Followers: 37

Kind of stayed in the same lane.

Facebook Page

Fan page likes: 136

Overall Experience

Due to the new office, and me kind of focusing on making that money, I am losing touch of this possible method of making money. Its not a smart thing, but hey sometimes priorities switch, but I will asume that come next month I will be back fulltime on my job with this stuff. So that there concludes the end of my Week 9 Social Media Experiment Results.