Week 5 Social Media Experiment Results

Yup, here we go again with the results so far, and this week was ordinary as not much really happened. But it was still an ok week, as I did learn a few things with regards to improving the overall quality. But yeah it was a pretty coo thing, and I might just adjust a few things, coming soon because I want to do some more hits, but yeah lets just get it poppin with this weeks results.


Total hits: 259 (plus 10 from last week … hot damn that aint SH*T!!!, but yeah lets just say that it is still the beginning of the experiment so we can still keep going like this.)

Subscriptions: 157 (plus 1 from last week … it kind of cheeses me off but hey you have to start somewhere right?)

So yeah, it seems that this weeks hits for Youtube really sucked, but that doesnt mean that I should just give up on it. It just means that once I find my swing, I will get more and get better. Always look on the positive side of things.


Followers: 160 (from 132 last week, so there is a good rise in that one at least.)

I have been tweeting faithfully 10 tweets a day, and it seems that instead of considering it spam, people actually kind of like. Which is a coo thing to see, and I still love the fact that I get retweeted, and favorited. Now I just need more followers so that they can translate into more hits for that youtube … this needs to mix a bit more.


Weeks End: 53 (from 34 last week)

So yeah, the site is coming on up, which makes me feel so much more better about this all, because at the core of it all, this is the main place for the brand. And since it is in the mix, it needs to get more hits. But yeah, we dont know how many people actually read this stuff, but hey Im happy your here. Thanks for coming.


Followers: 20 (stuck in the same place)

Not a single extra follower for this one, but I think that pretty soon I will start taking quotes from old poems and stories and place them in pictures. This will allow me to not only have a pic a day, but also will help me distribute my words to people through pictures. Makes sense if I do it that way.


Fan Page Likes: 132 (from 127 last week, so yeah a slight increase in the likes.)

Not much to say about this, but seriously Im starting to NOT like asking people for something I know they wont do. But since I set it out in the experiment I will have to follow through. But seriously, I get the idea NOONE is doing it, but yeah I am also implementing this other technique in where I promote other peoples pages if they promote mine.

Overall Experience

Im losing faith in asking people, but I am learning some new stuff about shooting stuff. As soon as I get a location where I can do things, I will make some more creative stuff. But for now, this week was just this week, and I am sure that it will be coo from here on out. Week 5 Social Media Experiment Results