Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results

Ok people, we are once again back with the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results. Now you have to forgive me for missing a week of doing this, but hey, I was busy doing some stuff and this kind of got lost in translation. But I was able to do the rest of the stuff I had to do, and I even replaced this blog with something else. So eventhough we missed number 27, I am sure that you will feel more than welcome at the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results. And in case you missed it, which is hard to do by now, Im still alive and the experiment is still going strong. So lets get it poppin with the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results.


Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results

Followers: 2036 from 1875 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I went up a a 150+ peeps this week around. And I could have done more, but it seems that Twitter has this restriction with regards to the balance between followers and following. Which makes sense, but doesnt make sense at the same time. But hey, at least I am still going up, and not down. And its the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results, so I should be happy I got this far, and that I noticed the trick to get more followers as I did … or else I would have been stuck at 100 for a LONG time.


Gain Instagram Followers

Followers: 711 from 866 2 weeks ago

Now I know what you are thinking, we are at the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results, and just 2 weeks ago I was close to 900 people. Here is the kicker … I DID have 900 people following me. I got that number, and I was all happy as I thought to myself that the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results will be all happy joy joy. But then the InstaPurge happened, and these guys decided to delete all the fake accounts that Instagram has. And that is how I lose over 100 people in JUST a day … but who knew that I had fake accounts in my list … I didnt buy them, so I didnt think I had any. But go figure … it seems I am set back a few numbers … but hey its just Instagram followers, and if they were fake, I couldnt count on them too much right? So yeah, even though the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results has some bad news in it, Im still happy with the 711 people who take the time to follow me, so thanks for that.


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Week hits: 120 from 123 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I didnt go up the way I wanted to, but I did make sure that I at least got in a few hit before the week ended. Now I am still looking at how i can get even more, but for the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results its not half bad. But the actual numbers I want are still a long ways off. I will have to do something truly wicked and viral worthy to get the numbers I want. But then again, that is one of the main reasons I started doing this experiment. And it might sound a little weird, but so far this experiment is worth it. Not in regards to the actual numbers, but just the sheer fact that I am so focused on my brand. So yeah, here at the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results, its time to just sit back and rethink the strategy for VinoVenitas.com and get in some more hits.


get more facebook likes

Fan Page Like: 142 … stuck at where we were

Yeah, I am experimenting with some stuff, such as using FB promotions to up the hits and reach I get on this page. And in return I was hoping I would get in some likes. But so far it hasnt worked just yet. But just like with everything else, you have to keep going even if the first time isnt as effective as you would hope. So here is the beauty of this, I hope yes I hope cause I cant really control this one, that one of my many many posts will be worth a like or two. Because that is how it starts. And so far, the main issue I have with regards to this FB thing, is exposure. But hey, lets just keep going, and see how well purchasing promotions can up my value.


youtube hits

Subscriptions: 206 from 200 2 weeks ago

Week hits: 25

Yeah, I went up by 6 whole people. and it might not seem like a lot, but if I can just go up 6 people EVERY week, I will be one happy duck. But yeah, this should be pretty good, as I did go up, and that is something that I couldnt always say with these updates. Ok so, I made a video I feel like should get more hits than what it has right now. So I will try a few more tactics, and marketing strategies to ensure that this video gets in some hits. I feel like this video, should be the trail to increase my presence on Youtube. So I will spend some extra time on making this one increase in hits. So that I can smile and say that at the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results I figured it out.

Overall Experience

This was a pretty coo week, as I wrapped up the Vino Venitas series, and gave myself something coo to work with. And I now have a complete Typography for my own name. And the Week 28 Social Media Experiment Results do show some better results than I could have imagined a few months back. But yeah, the loss of my instagram following, did hurt me a bit but I didnt cry over it. I am pretty much still on track with the plans I set out. Its not going as fast as I would have hoped, but its still going, because patience is the key if you are working towards something.

So if you have followed me so far, into this experiment, I am more than sure that by now you will be willing and of course able to buy one of my books, to support me.