Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results

We are here, so we have to do another recap of how great or wicked this week was. And of course we wont skip out on a single element, and we will cover all the bases as we go through these numbers. So get ready for the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results, and make sure you have your socks on, so we can LEAVE them on … these floors be cold in the winter aint they. But yeah, without any further ado lets get it popping with the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results.


Gain Twitter Followers

Followers: 1305 from 1016 last week

So yeah, I had like 250+ spike in this weeks followers. And the reason for that, was because I had to let go of some pride, and just do what needed to be done to get this followers in. I didnt want to make my twitter account one of those that just follows back everyone that follows them. But alas, if you arent famous, or didnt go viral yet … you kind of dont have a choice if you want to gain followers. And since I kind of dont want to buy them, I have to do some other stuff. But yeah, I did get some followers, so all in all I cant really get that mad … just a bit sad I had to let go of some pride. But the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results should show some progress when comparing it to the 22nd right?


instagram followers

Followers: 608 from 541 last week

I got to the 600 mark, and yes that is a big deal, because I didnt expect to hit that one so soon. Im happy about that, cause I dont have to do the follow back thing, for this one. I just get to make sure that I post quality pics and people like them. I respond a lot better to that. So now we have to make sure that we dont lose them … got to make sure we keep motivating the heck out of these followers. And once again, it becomes clear that I need to have a clear direction for what ever it is I do. Because people dont tend to follow people whose creativity is all over the place. So now that I am at the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results, I can safely say that I have found my path when it comes to Instagram.


poetry book

Hits this week: 86 from 78 last week

Once again, this might look like shallow numbers, and in a way they are. But I never had these kind of numbers back when … and I know I keep saying that … but if I dont I might just get pissed at the lack of hits and thats not positive thinking and that wont help ANYONE. But I did see a good rise due to my direct writing to trends. Im gonna try to keep this up, and see how far I can take this, and if this could work. I might just do a piece for every trend that comes our way. But yeah, lets keep it, and make sure we smile with this the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results.


youtube views

Views: 4

Subscriptions: 186

Ok so this is the main spot I wanted to focus on, and it seems I am truly missing the point here. I have yet to establish a concrete path for the videos I am making. So far everything is word based, but it seems that that kind of stuff doesnt work for people. So I have to find something else, so I can make sure people get what I do. But it seems I will have to simplify and make it more accessible for the regular Joe. It has been a few days since I have been in front of the cam. I think I might start a new series, where my face is once again key. Because this just isnt working. I have come up with a few concepts I will try for the upcoming videos, but I am slowly running out of ideas … or should I say Im starting to get the feeling that my ideas keep hitting an invisible wall.


facebook page likes

Fan page likes: 141

Lol, this is the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results, but seriously, I might just take this out of the weekly evaluations because there is absolutely no growth in this. I dont even feel like people are paying it any attention. And the reason for that is because Facebook has this algorithm that makes sure that you only see what you have liked before. So without that endorsement, all my hard work falls into nothingness. So Im thinking about what I should do with this one.

Overall Experience

My instagram and my twitter, have both grown pretty good in these last few weeks. And my website has undergone a complete SEO revitalization which helped bring in some stray hits. But my Youtube and Facebook have both been ignored to an extent that it feels as if Im drowning in the sea of nonsense that is the internet. But yeah, this is the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results and I have to say that I did do something good, and I did improve my skill set on several things, but the key element I was chasing is still eluding me. But yeah for now lets just close it up, and call this Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results a good week, and lets hope the next one will be even better.

And oh yeah, in case you want to help the boy, you can buy the book, and make sure you look at all the numbers of the Week 23 Social Media Experiment Results, to make sure that next week you can look back with me.