Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results

The week wouldnt be complete if we didnt do the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results. So here we go to make sure that you guys understand the progress that is coming my way. Its slow oh yes its slow but that doesnt mean, it isnt here. And just because something isnt going as fast as you want it to go, doesnt mean that you should be mad at the progress that is being made. I always try to find the silver lining, even if I have to tell myself that a grey line is silver. But yeah lets get going with the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results.


Subscriptions: 178

Views: 40 this week

Ok so I had a total rise of 3 extra subscriptions and a total of 40 hits this week. I have to add to that, that due to some unforeseen stuff I wasnt able to upload the 2nd vid on time, and this I can only count one hit for that one. But yeah, keeping up with these deadlines while trying to make money is pretty hard at times. But yeah, losing the office forced me back to create with shooting, and I have to say its pretty coo, but it takes a lot longer. But yeah either, I will be pushing these vids upon the internet a bit more, cause I do like these last two. So I might come back on this number later on, but for now this had to be included in the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results so I cant be helped.


Followers: 270 from 187 last week

Yeah, this one is the one that makes me smile the most, because seriously man … I have been uploading pics everyday for a LONG time, and I didnt seem to get ahead. But now Im finally seeing some growth on this, which makes me smile. Given, I am cheating but hey sometimes the world requires you to do so. But nevertheless, its a nice look to see me grow like this. I got a total of 83+ plus followers this week alone, and it puts a smile on this weary heart of mine.


Followers: 718 from 639 last week

So yeah, this one saw a nice little spike as well, Im pretty sure I can break that 1k mark sometime soon. And then Its time to set my sights higher and go for that 2k, and so on. Lets see if we can end with 10k, without compromising the integrity of my account. And I will state this now, I will only follow 1000 people, and not any more. Because more than 1000 followers just makes no sense.



Visitors: 40 from 75 last week

So this is like the only place, where you dont maintain and keep growing upwards. This one is just based on how many you got this one week. Its not a bad measuring spot, as it does show how many people actually visit the site to read what it is I do. And I will state this point one more time … last 2 years, I had a total of 40 hits ALL TOGETHER. So having this many in one week, just cant be a bad thing. It just cant. And if you look at the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results and the previous ones, you will see a nice rise in this one as well.


Fan Page Likes: 140 from 139

Yeah I went up 1 … so honestly I dont pay ANY attention to this facebook page, because it has my twitter feed, and my twitter feed has my instagram feed and all the videos I do … so it just kind of makes sense that its loaded with info. So why should I pay any special attention to it … but I could be wrong … I could be, but if you look at the rest of the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results its kind of hard to get mad at this one.

Overall Experience

Overall Experience for Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results is pretty coo. I tried to maintain the quality of the posts I do, as well as slightly improve the quality of the vids I make. I also made sure to write pieces that fit terms that people would actually google. And then at the last step I made sure to lighten the mood a little as well. Im still feeling the pain from losing the office, and its sent me down a bad spiral as I lost all control of my sleeping patterns once again, but hey Im not one to complain. But yeah, thats the end of the week, and if you are here, and are STILL reading, make sure you subscribe to my YOUTUBE account. It would help me out a lot. So that is the end of the Week 19 Social Media Experiment Results, make sure to come back tomorrow, Im pretty sure I will have something good up for you to read.