Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results

Ok so once again, we find ourselves back at the end of the week. And so I have to give you guys the Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results, and I am pretty sure you will like some of them, if not all of them. Because this was a pretty good week, it could have been better, but hey we are here for the long run and not the short one. So shall we get it started, with the results for this week.


Views: 12 so my vids had a total of 12 hits which is pretty sad if you think about it. Im working on improving the overall marketing standing behind vids.

Followers: 175 a total of plus one … from last week …

So since I am focusing on the marketing behind the vids, and overall quality of the videos that I place, I hope that sometime soon I will get some more shine on these here vids. The sad part of course is that it might take a second, regardless of how dope the vids will be. But yeah, words will make it happen for me.


Followers: 187 from 75 last week … yeah that just happened!!!

Ok so I was lucky enough to get a 100+ followers in one week, and trust me it makes me happy as heck to get them. I was following the standard technique of posting quality pics on a regular schedule, but for some reason this new cheating method is a LOT more effective. I will write a piece about it, but for now this stuff is really helpful as you can see. So it seems that cheating is a lot more effective than actually working hard on something. But yeah, now that I have this new thing in my corner, I feel like I might just end up with 300+ followers by the end of next month. And with results like this the Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results just make you happy.


Followers: 639 from a 518 last week.

Yeah this was another good week for Twitter, as I got a 100+ followers. The key behind this one was the #followback and that just gave me a BUNCH of people who just wanted a follow back. Does make you smile, that its that easy to get some followers. But yeah, it seems like my tweets are drowning in the sea of other people they tend to follow. I guess I will have to make more noise to get my tweets out there, so they can be retweeted and shared all day.


Fan Page Likes: 139 yup I went up by 2

I have to say, that I have no idea what got these 2 people in, but Im not mad at them for finding me there. I do seem to share most things on Twitter, and since Twitter is the only one linked to my Facebook, it makes sense that you follow that one if you just want it all. Its nice to see them like my stuff like that.


Week hits: 75 from 24 last week

Ok so this was a pretty epic rise for the boy. I know it might seem insignificant for most of you, but for me who didnt have any visitors on the site for some time, its pretty darn coo to get people to come. So if I can keep this rise going at a steady rate, Im gonna be one happy duck, and might even a do a happy dance for you as well. And I am hoping that I will be able to make these darn Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results and the future ones will draw in some public.

Overall Experience

Ok so due to the loss of my office, I have been kind of in a slump with regards to my creativity. But the thing is, if I feel that way I just need to make sure I focus my energy and skills on something else. So instead of shooting stuff and trying to be super creative I decided to do some back end stuff. I improved the quality of the SEO that stands behind VinoVenitas.com and it did help. I did see a nice improvement with regards to visits, and I am sure it will help me along the line as well, if I keep going like this. So that will end the Week 18 Social Media Experiment Results, and be sure to come back next week for more. And oh yeah, if you are looking for some good poetry, dont forget to BUY MY BOOK.