Week 15 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 15 Social Media Experiment Results is here and its time for you and me to get down to the nitty gritty of the whole thing. SO lets get going with a quick break down of whats good in the world of Vino.


Week Hits: 65

Subscriptions: 168

So I went up one in the subscriptions, and I got more hits this time around. It really helps if people share some of the stuff you post. But it seems my stuff still isnt on the level of being shared. Im working on it.


Followers: 472

So I went up a total of 46 people, which is pretty good regardless of how you try to look at it. I think I might just reach that 500 mark before the end of this month. And as for the 10 tweets a day … I have to admit that I dont even have to think about it as much anymore, my creativity has pretty much accepted the fact that it has to be done by now.


Followers: 73

We went up 7 people folks, that pretty big for the boy. I know most people get happy around that 100k mark, but for someone like me who doesnt do all that extra stuff, like calling himself a certain name online, just to make it easy for people to find him, I am coo with the slow growth.


Likes: 137

Not much to say here, but I have this idea that might help me grow this one.


Bows out with a simple 20, nothing controversial about my site just yet. But dont give up hope folks, Im still JUST getting started.

Overall Experience

I am, or rather we are about to lose our office, so that made this week pretty darn hectic. But hey, life is change so you cant bitch about all the small things that happen. But yeah, I am losing the spot where my creativity could breathe … and now I will have to look for something new or see if I can make something else work. Either way … its back to square one.