Week 14 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 14 Social Media Experiment Results


Hits: 7

Subscriptions: 167

No promo for these vids, these were render vid I had  to do for other projects, and since they are still videos that I worded on, its only proper that I count them with the vids as well. It just makes sense to do so right?


Followers: 66

I seem to be losing followers, might just be that follow back thing they want me to do. But I refuse to do a follow for follow on instagram, because Im already doing it for Twitter, so if I do it for this one as well, it might just be some overkill.


Fan Page Likes: 137

I kind of stopped caring for this one, because lets be honest here folks … this one isnt the spot that gets a lot of focus from me. But I am sure you want to like me on FB so go ahead and do so.


Followers: 431

This might just be the one where I see the most effect, but even that feels like cheating a bit. But yeah enjoy and be happy, because its nice to see this rise with just the Week 14 Social Media Experiment Results.


Nothing much happened here … still around 22 for a week.

Overall Experience

So the office is lost … meaning I am as we speak in the middle of shooting some stuff, because I want to shoot as much as I can before I have to get out of here. But this had to be done too, so thats why you guys are getting a super short version this time around. But yeah be happy and rejoice, because we ARE working on stuff. But that will just conclude the Week 14 Social Media Experiment Results, and we are sure you will be back next week for the next one.