Week 13 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 13 Social Media Experiment Results

Yes sir, we are back with the Week 13 Social Media Experiment Results. And all in all I am pretty ready to give you guys some of these updates. So lets get it poppin.


Subscriptions: 166 (we are stuck on this one, so hey, lets just hope we will get some more of these hits and subscriptions in)

Views: 84, but you have to keep in mind that I didnt promote these vids, so them having these hits is pretty coo. I did do a lot of work on them though.

So yeah, Youtube just became my main focus again, and thanks to that I was able to come up with some pretty coo ideas. I will put them into action as soon as I get the time … which will most likely be this week. I got it like that.


Followers: 66

Ok so this is like the weirdest thing ever, but I get like 66 followers and then 63 and then go back up to 66. So I got this whole jojo effect going on, which is coo but hey, makes you wonder why they leave me in the first place.


Fan Page likes: 137

HOLY SMOKES, I went up one … now how gangsta is that? No one expected me to get that one up, but look here I proved them all wrong. Im so good with this stuff.


My week ended with a total of 23 peeps, according to google. But my other one is saying I got more hits than that. But lets just keep going by Google cus they be like the main one right?


Followers: 416

Yes, I finally broke through that damn 400 barrier, and now 500 is up next. I will make it happen because well, I got it like that.

Overall Experience

Going back to my youtube game, makes me feel a lot better about what I am putting online. And with that happiness comes some freedom. I am now also working on some new concepts to give you guys. This experiment just got interesting again.