Week 12 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 12 Social Media Experiment Results

Welcome back to this Weeks 12 Social Media Experiment Results, on a  quick sidenote I dont post the youtube vids on here anymore, but I am still making them. So if you are coming here for ALL the updates, let me know by dropping a comment, and then I will just keep posting them up here as well. But yeah for now lets go get it in with this weeks results.


Subscriptions: 166 (thats a plus 2 from last week, and we can keep doing that we might end up with more than 200 by the end of it all.)

Views: 5 hits (but I have to admit that these hits are due to the fact that I didnt put them up for promotion enough, and I was super late with posting them up 2. So all in all my own fault right here.)

So I am going to try to improve the quality of the vids I do, so that I can stand behind my vids with pride as  raise my chest.


Followers: 393 (is another 51 plus followers for the boy, and it seems I didnt get to make that 400 but I was close tho.)

I do get some fans for all my tweets, and I still enjoy all the retweets, and everything else that comes with it. Not a bad look if you ask me.


Followers: 58 (thats plus 11 followers for me, which is pretty good, and it shows that being active on this app really works.)

I am trying to spend as much time as I can on all these social media things, to improve the quality of what I do as well as the extent to where my reach can go.


Fan Page Likes: 136 (well we are still stuck on this one … lets just hope this one will just jump on the band wagon with the rest.)

Overall Experience

So I doubled my instagram pics from 1 a day to 2 a day. And I still do the 10 tweets a day, and Im still on point with the whole youtube vids, so all in all Im still on schedule. I just need to improve the quality, and if possible include some more people into it. But yeah, Im gonna try to go back to focusing on this more than the OTHER stuff, people would like to me focus on. Because this was the original plan.