Week 11 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 11 Social Media Experiment Results, is a little late, but this was a close week, due to the youtube vids. I wasnt able to be that quick with them this week, but hey here you go. And both have been met, and now we are once again back at the results for this week. This should be good right, so lets get it poppin.


Subscription: 164

Views: 6


Followers: 342


Fanpage Likes: 136


Weeks End: 28


Followers: 47

Overall Experience

Ok so I have to admit something to you guys. Due to the fact that I was taken into this own business mind state by my homey I kind of lost myself in the possibility of making money that way. So I kind of forgot my original plan, but I am slowly walking my way back to the original mind state where this takes first place priority. Because the lack of growth and hits has to be due to my lack effort with regards to this. But yeah, Im trying to make this stuff top priority again, so we can work on getting this stuff done. But yeah, it should be fun from here on out, cus this own business stuff should find me, and not the other way around.