Week 10 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 10 Social Media Experiment Results … yeah, once again Im tired and my energy is MAD low, so I cant be all type wordy today. I know its the same as last week, but hey sometimes the mind and body just dont agree with whats good. And then you get tired people … you do.


Weeks End hits: 6 … yeah

Subscriptions: 163 which is a PLUS one, which is ALWAYS good news. Whether you want to admit it or not. But yeah all in all it is a pretty coo thing to have a 163.

I dont know whats wrong with me, but I should be out of this depressive mode pretty soon, and than it will be all sunshine and rainbows again. So get ready for that.


Followers: 328

Im gonna try to get this up to 400 by the end of this month.


Fan Page Likes: 136

Stuck on this, like some people are just stuck on stupid.


Followers: 47 from a 37 last week

So that is a total of 10 extra people … wow … this switch from random stuff to actual writings by the boy might have been the right decision. And just to make sure I dont waste anything, I have decided t o use my old tweets as quotes to be used for Instagram pics. Yeah, so now I can actually use those darn tweets to increase my base on something else as well.

Overall Experience

Once again, I found myself looking at possibilities to make money instead of this experiment. Dont get me wrong, I will finish while doing my utmost best to maintain all the deadlines. And once again I did exactly that, so what else can you expect from the boy? But yeah, the quality does go down a small bit with regards to the videos and blogs, due to work outside of this. But luckily the tweets just come to me, and the pics are just things I can make of stuff I have already done. So all in all, I will be ok.