Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results

Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results

OK so whats good people, as promised here we are with the first blog for this experiment, and since I don’t really have anything new to report. This is going to be short but sweet. Ok so first lets get into the numbers of what we had so far. So lets go with the Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results.


Total hits: 13 hits (lol)
Subscriptions: 150 (plus 1)
So yeah, I got a total of 13 hits, and one extra subscription out of the deal so far. And I don’t know what you guys are looking at, but that’s one hell of a good thing if you ask me. And you should ask me, cause you are reading my words. But its still just the Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results.


Followers: 38 (plus 12)
YEAH, I got a total of 12 extra followers on my twitter, and all it took was me tweeting 10 tweets a day. And oh yeah, I want to make this sure somewhere and what better place than my own site. Whenever you see these quotations “” and the letters P.M. It means that it’s a quote from my favourite poet Phebe Malien. This girl wrote so many damn quotable lines, and so much fantastic poetry that I felt it was damn near a crime to not share it. And since she is no longer with us, I feel like I might just do it for her.


Unique IP: 6 (give or take a few 100)
Ok so this one is kind of hard to do, since the numbers vary depending on what analytics system you use, but so far I have had an increase of 500% with regards to site hits. Now keep in mind that this isn’t on a regular basis, but the TOP day, we had that increase. It was indeed a good day, I mean how many times do you get a 500% increase like that. I mean I had 5 people on the site … that’s a LOT!!! But once again, that’s just one system, my other system is telling me I had over 600 … go figure. The beauty of the Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results.


Followers: 0
Well this is the SUPER new social media I am now using, and so far I put up 3 pictures and have a total of 0 followers. Which makes sense, but lets see if this one can get to grow as well. Lets call that the end of the Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results.


Page Likes: 91 (plus 31)
So this one was kind of funny to see, because I was stuck on 60 likes for the LONGEST time and now Im close to that damn 100. So I asked/told someone to like the page and then invite all his friends to do the same. And he did it, and that gave me an extra 30. From the 952 friends that he had, 30 clicked on that like button. Not a bad look, but not a great look either, but its ok cause its the Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results.

Overall Experience

So for a guy who doesn’t really like this stuff, its hard as heck to remind myself every hour to drop a tweet. Its hard as heck to tell myself to take a picture, as I don’t really like doing it, and I don’t really have a good eye for that kind of stuff. And of course the videos … I cant seem to get used to being in front of that camera like that. But all in all, it does feel good to be THIS involved with my own brand, and to see me push myself like this for my own brand. Its pretty coo if you think about it, but if you look at it … its pretty darn hard. But yeah, lets go with this folks.
Week 1 is done, lets get ready for week 2. Week 1 Social Media Experiment Results