Wanting to be a poem

Wanting to be a poem

Have you ever had a concept bothering you because it wanted to be written out? That’s that feeling of a concept Wanting to be a poem. It wanting to have its moment in the sun because it feels that it deserves to become whole.

I am one of those writers that hear these voices that tells him what to write. These voices are usually concepts and one-liners that crave some attention. So this is what it would look like if I went ahead and showed you a full conversation between me and my concepts. If I told my concepts ahead of time what they were about to go through, they might get scared and stop pushing for completion. Because Wanting to be a poem just might be a selfish thing they didn’t really think through.

Wanting to be a poem is understandable, but are you worth it?

Sometimes I talk to my concepts just to see if they are capable of actually being completed. Because some concepts are beautiful but they just don’t have enough strength to them to actually survive the process of becoming a poem. I have lost a lot of themes and one-liners that just fell through the cracks. Writing is a beautiful thing that helps me process reality in a way that suits my mind.

So this is me showing you what I go through to create a poem. What I put my concepts through to make sure they are worth it and have the drive to see it through to the end. This might just be one of my new favorite pieces.

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