The Vino Venitas 3rd Blog the Kyoto Edition

The Vino Venitas 3rd Blog the Kyoto Edition

So the boy went to Kyoto, to see the sights and see what all the hype is about. Now for those who don’t know Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan. So its full of historical building and temples and things like that. Now here is the thing though, for the people that know me they know that Im not really all that interested in that kind of stuff. But I went there with a open mind and wanted to act like a real tourist for once in my life. And so I did, here are the adventures of a big black guy in Kyoto.

Ok so I visited all the temples I could within 3 days, cause that was all the time I had. I gave it my best shot to see as much as I could. And here is the result. Now there are a LOT of temples in Kyoto so I wasn’t able to see them all, but I got to a bunch of places. Problem is though due to the fact that I was there at the end of the year, a lot of stuff was closed. But it was still good, here are my pictures of the places that I was able to see.

Kinkakuji Temple

Now for all those ballers out there, who buy fancy cars and big mansions and a few platinum chains. Here is the next step to show your stuff, I mean who would come up with this if not the Japanese. I actually saw a temple covered in gold. Yes I said GOLD, and not no gold paint, no no the real thing people wear as jewelry. Check it out for yourself.


You know I took a bunch of pictures of this temple, but I will only show you a few here. Check out this close up shot of the temple.


Yeah it looks good doesn’t it, but all of these temples are surrounded by some real good looking scenery. So I walked around to see the rest of this gold covered temples area and here are the pictures. I must say that it really had some nice nature surrounding it, but you will see that all these temples have the same area.


Here is another shot of the area.

Here is the last shot of the nature area of this temple, I don’t want to overload you with the same area. Plus we have a LOT more to go.

Ok so the next temple I visited was this one, I forgot the name of the place but if you really want it, let me know and Ill find it. But yeah here you go this nice looking temple.

Yeah so in this temple, I saw these dogs or dog like statues that were just BEGGING for a picture. So I had to oblige them and do as they asked. You don’t want to upset these types of animals you know.

Now for the rest of the temple I have to say I liked it. I gave it my best amateur photographers hand to shoot some nice pictures hope you like it.

That was like the inside of the temple, and it just struck me as a really beautiful picture. Here is another one of this temple.

Ok so near this temple I saw another temple. They were really close to each other and so I just HAD to walk over to the other one. And it was a pretty cool temple place, didn’t have any statues or such but it was still ok.

This temple was like a big maze of big buildings that for some reason I couldn’t get into. But I could still take pictures of it, so here they are.

I also saw this really cool Buddha that just looked at me and told me to take a picture. Yeah the guy with the hand spoke to me, it freaked me out but hey I listened.

I also saw this really sexy looking building that just required a pic, so I did it.

Ok after that, I decided to continue on my temple hunt. And as far as temple hunters go, I was kind of slow because I like to take my time and walk. But yeah I found another good temple, and just like with the rest I took some pictures for you.

I liked the sunshine in this one, so I kept it. But to continue on this here temple was kind of cool, because this scenery was really wonderful. Like this picture below, I have no idea what its for, or why they did it. But hey I just liked it.

Then I continued on my walk and saw some more sexy looking temples.

The next picture will be the last one of this temple area, but it was a good looking place.

Ok the following three pictures will be of places I want to go, but wasn’t able to. Due to the fact that they were closed since it was close to becoming the new year. I was really sad, because getting there was a REAL pain in the neck most of the time. And then arriving there just to find a closed gate is really ugly.

Yeah that was the International Manga museum, and you KNOW I wanted to see that one. I love me some manga, but alas the place was closed, so I just took a picture of their gate. The next one was in the park around the old Japanese Imperial Palace. Because the imperial palace itself was closed I had to walk around it and see what else I could shoot a picture of.

The next picture is of a really big castle that was said to be something I had to see. So as I always do, I listened and went to the spot, only to find it closed off. I was pissed but hey it is what it is.

Ok now here is the next temple, it was smack dab in the middle of downtown Kyoto and it looked good, well as far as old temples can look good.

This temple drew a lot of people, and I get why I mean it was in the middle of the city so yeah.

So ok, right next to this temple there was this HUGE humongous temple that was just scary big. But I took a picture of it, and just like with the other spots I wasn’t able to get in. But hey with a temple this big I didn’t need to go in, I could just stand outside and snap me some shots.

So after that long distance shot I wanted to try to get up close and personal to take a better shot. But dude it was too big but hey I still tried it.

So I feel like I have said enough and you get the gist of whats what in Kyoto. And so I will wrap this place up with a few more shots of a few places I saw during my trip, without the annoying commentary of a dude who just wants to blog.

Good news right.

Ok so this is the end of the blog, I gave it my best shot to make this boring trip into a interesting picture thing. Hope it worked, and if not hey at least you saw some pictures of Japan right. And to finish this whole thing off, I want to give my anime fans a real nice picture.

Now if you want to see all the pictures of my trip, then you can download them here:

Download the pictures here

Ok thanks for checking in on the blog, make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think. And to let me know that you like this kind of stuff. Yeah this was the picture edition, so Ill keep the rest of the usual dribble I would give you to a minimum. You can thank me here.