The Vino Venitas Blog might be coming to an end

The Vino Venitas Blog might be coming to an end

I know I know it’s a really long title, but really people I think I have run out of things to say. I was actually thinking like WHAT else can I say to these people. Because the job has become a JOB, there is nothing new happening, nothing worth telling, just same old same old. The kids are still awesome, they are still freaking adorable, and the whole nine, but yeah that’s about it. The job is getting to be a BIT of a routine, so there aren’t any more stories hiding in there.

Now we can talk about the stuff I do, but I am trying to cut down on my spending so I can save me some money. Cause euhm, I was spending a LOT of money … but that is the risk of making money I guess. But now I have spend all I wanted to spend, and I have done most of the things I wanted to do. Bought most of the stuff I wanted to buy, so now its time to save me some money for when I return to the city of Amsterdam. Pray that I can make that happen, cause I have never been too good with saving money.

So the point I am trying to make here is that, nothing worth mentioning is happening to me. The next trip will most likely be Okinawa, the beach of Japan so to say. But until then, all I have is work and some events that I go to because I have to. With all that being said, I have tried to make my website a bit more engaging, by posting a LOT more, and increasing the Volume of what I drop. I will try to keep that up, but as for the actual blog, of my life in Japan … that might be run down to nothing.

Unless you guys want some pictures of where I go shopping and that kind of inane dribble. But I don’t think stuff like that is fun to talk about let alone read, so I will save you the trouble. I will say that I am NOT making any progress in my Japanese … I hate being stupid. But the goal has been set and I cant leave until I reach where I decided I needed to be. So Japan might be my home for a little while longer … perhaps.

You can expect the following stuff this month:

–          Praise

–          Music Release

–          Song of the month

–          Poem of the month

–          Story of the month

–          The Debat

Yeah that is pretty much it, now if by some miracle something really funny or scary happens, I will of course drop the hotness on here. But for now I just don’t see it, oh yeah I kinda wanna mention this to all the people who seem to be so damn worried.

I have been in about 25+ earthquakes so far during my time here in Japan. From the small ones to ones that shook the building. And I am here to tell you, its not all that bad nor is it all that dangerous, I not dying cause of some earthplate that decides it wasn’t comfortable on his side and wanted to turn over. No, Vino Venitas is most def to sexy for all that jazz … you hear me???

Now to wrap it all up, I just got back from this fun little event here in my city. Its basically a BUNCH of people sitting down and walking with tents on one side of the street, and people on the other side of street. I was of course by myself, cause Im the roll alone die alone type, but it seemed like ALL my kids were at that spot walking and buying food. So I had to greet and smile and wave every 5 minutes. It was fun, I liked it. Took some pictures, and I also made a vid, but I don’t know if I should upload it or not … what do you think???

The pictures are all just firework, and the vid is also only fireworks. Cause that is why all the people gathered, to watch the fireworks. And that is why I came to the spot as well, but after 30 minutes of fireworks, the boy decided that his neck and back started to hurt from looking up, and made his way to work on some stuff. But yeah for now here are the pictures, enjoy them and if you want to KNOW anything about my stay here OTHER than “How is it?” let me know. Cause that could very well be the next blog. That’s it man …

Vino Venitas

A bit blurry but hey sue me