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Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown

Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown


Its right here, in between the screams and the bass
Between melody and rhythm, that silent place
Where nothing exists but my heart beat
Where the only warmth is my body heat
Where that tingle runs down my spine
And everything leaves my mind
The world turns pure, for a single moment
The past disappears taking with it atonement
Time stops, to allow me to be
It’s in that nothingness, that I feel everything but empty
It’s at the end of a cadence no one hears
Where I’m able to overcome all fears
And scream till my soul is content
When every last bit of energy is spent
I stand strong, after all they threw
Took it in, as I was supposed to do
Hid it deep inside the dark
As I tried to cover this cruel mark
It never sat quiet, always clawed against the walls
Whenever I’m alone, I could hear its calls
Waiting to explode, waiting for me to break
There is too much at stake
So I seek that one place
Where I can show my true face
It’s at the end of pulse my body knows
Its recovery from their hate filled blows
I dance to forget, I dance to remember
I dance for them, I dance for her
I dance to love, I dance to forgive
I dance to be me, I dance to live
The peace that sleeps in this sensation
True tranquility, without hesitation
Its only in this moment that the world is truly clear
This is where I can be found, and only here
Nowhere else

Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: False Hope

Story: False Hope


It was always in the back of my mind
A suspicion, I couldn’t leave behind
It whispered to me at 2 in the night
When her side of the room suddenly filled with light
Her phone, was always so damn bright
But at the time it wasn’t worth the fight
We have our issues, but we talk
We both did things that left their mark
But through it all we stayed together
Every day we tried to be better
But lately, this weird feeling scratches my heart
It’s as if, unspoken words are keeping us apart
I figured marriage could be the key
Saved up for a ring, spent all my money
Yet this feeling … this shadow I can’t see
It’s at the bottom of my stomach, driving me crazy
She got new outfits for an old job
Wearing lingerie fit for a different job
But they weren’t for me
Never did I feel so uneasy
The lipstick, the earrings and her “do me” fragrance
Looking in the mirror, smiling at an unknown presence
I had my doubts, suspicions, fear
But now my soul is completely clear
It was a Saturday morning
Told her I would be back in the evening
Went to go get what I needed, today was the day
Something told me “call her to say, that you’re on your way”
With a smile on my face and the ring in my hand
She picked up and then I heard a sneeze from another man
Rage hung up the phone, pain told me to go back
Crazy kept me pumped up, love decided to cut me some slack
I’d be back home in 10 minutes, there will be hell to pay
If there is any proof of infidelity, this will be a bad day

He rushes, she rushes, but it’s not what you think
He is scared, she is anxious, but it’s not what you think
Staring out the window, holding his tears back with all his might
The moment they meet everything will come to light



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Why Men Cheat


Now this video right here, was done because I wanted to do a kind of spoken word type thing, and i wanted to do something socially responsible. And this is what came to my mind, it was one heck of a time shooting this one, because a LOT went wrong, but I took it all in stride and gave yall this. I almost made a blooper reel because so much went wrong. But yeah WHY MEN CHEAT!!!!!!

This should answer some good questions for you girls out there. Because by now this is something you have either encountered or you have seen it in a movie or you best friend went through it. So here you go, and since this is coming from a man who has been on both sides, its easy to tell you why it is. And keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule, so certain men are just dogs who will be dogs for the sake of being a dog. But there are more than a few good ones out there. You just have to train them, or catch them at the right time, so you wont have to know why men cheat.

But dont let me know tell you everything by writing, I made the video for a reason. And if you have any questions, I as a man will answer them all honestly, without any prejudice or masking to keep any kind of game going. Just never and we do mean never, underestimate the power and value of sex, as it is the reason why men cheat or at least most of them. If your man tells you that sex has become boring LISTEN DAMMIT, and try to spice things up. If you told your man and he didnt listen … SHOW HIM ITS WRONG!!!

Make sure to buy the book while you are at it