The Perfect Judge

The Perfect Judge

Only god can judge me, is something most of us, if not all of us have heard. In my opinion that means that if you are to judge me, you have to be the The Perfect Judge. Because only a The Perfect Judge has the right to point out flaws. Because a flawed being pointing at a flawed being,  for its flaws is just weird. So The Perfect Judge is someone who never made a mistake. The Perfect Judge is someone who does everything proper, and never ever gave up on something, or took the easy road out.

But seriously people, I have grown really tired of people judging me. Ive grown really tired of hearing about people, talking about me behind my back. As if they have the right to judge me, as if they are right there with me. Most of the times, people judge me, its people who havent seen me in ages. Who havent spoken to me in ages, who dont even know the person I truly am. So I wanted to cuss them out, but I believe in staying focused. And some people just judge so they can get some attention. And there are few things sadder than a person who need to put someone down, to make themselves look good. So if you decide to judge me, make sure you are The Perfect Judge. Keep your opinions to yourself, because I am living my life how I deem fit. And Im certain you can find someone, who is living a life similarly sad, so you can poke at that. You might even be The Perfect Judge for sad lifeless scum who enjoy judging others without knowing a thing.

And by all means, if I offended you, meaning that you feel spoken to. Dont kill yourself, but just sit down and reevaluate your own life. Because something is wrong, if you arent content with your own life to the degree that you have to put others down, for living a life you want. And that is the thought process behind this piece called The Perfect Judge.

Let me know what you think, and drop a comment or two.

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