Story: Couldn’t look away

Story: Couldn’t look away

I sat there, thinking and staring at it flicker

The darkness around it seemed to grow thicker

As my focus increased, the rumbling sounds decreased

The grip on my heart was finally released

And with that came the tears

As if told to leave by my fears

They rolled down my cheek

The flame was still unwilling to speak

Yet it told me to watch him

Silently watch him burning

As his light covered the darkness within

I couldn’t hear the evening choir sing

This candle was a key to open my minds shackles

My body shivered as if covered by the flames crackle

Memories flooded my mind

Ignoring all the walls I placed them behind

Ghosts of the past smirking with the devils grin

Faces no with eyes, their heads slightly tilting

They all stood around me, as I watched this flame

More and more joined their ranks, whispering my name

All I came to do was pray, and ask for forgiveness

This state of mind, I never wanted this

Yet here I sit, crying to a flame that ignores me

It dances to its own melody, blissfully unaware and free

The wind kisses it as if it wants to join the fray

I am unable to grasp to words the preacher has to say

I sit there quietly drowning in my pain

I can feel I am shoulder to shoulder with going insane

A few more winks, a few more seconds

And this might become the light of the heavens

It shun its radiance on the secret corners of my soul

Repressing my past was wrong, this is its toll

I have broken down, the world around me is nothing but a haze

As I sit next to this small ray of light, that to me is a blaze

A full out fire, licking my skin until it reaches my every sin

Baptizing my heart, with a warmth that is unyielding

This candle is nothing if not mesmerizing

The tears continue to roll, as I feel like I’m dying

 I want to stop

I want to leave

I want to go away

I want to disappear

I want it to end

But I can’t look away


I didnt really know what kind of story I wanted to write. I had some pictures but I decided not to kill anyone or come with such a morbid story this time around. So I wanted to create a piece that displayed something I experience from time to time. Looking at candles is something that seems to get me sometimes, not as much as this story of course but something to this degree. So I felt like writing a story about it. Its still fictional, so dont get it twisted, but I know some people will be able to relate to this.

Thanks for reading.

Vino Venitas