The Release: Do me like that

The Release: Do me like that

I still don’t really have anything to say with regards to blogging, so I will just give you another song to keep you over until I finally experience something fun and exciting. Until that time I hope you guys enjoy the songs.

However even though I don’t have anything special to say, I have to mention that I am OFFICIALLY living in Japan. It’s a real life now, not the thing I really love but more the thing I have to do. Ill explain that a bit more in detail some time later.

For now I will give you the following song: Do me like that

Ok so this record I did for my cousin who wanted to do like a really big record with a bunch of dudes. And I was about to leave to New Zealand, so I had to drop my verse really quick before I left. But then I listened to it a few times and I felt like I could do a better job, so I was gonna rewrite my verse and rerecord it to make it sound a bit better. But I would do that AFTER I got back from New Zealand. And lets just say right now Im in Japan and I STILL haven’t done that record.

The song is basically about how people do you a certain way, and you feel or think you don’t deserve that. That just fits my way of thinking like a mofo, so I said hell yes and wrote a quick 16. Here is what came out of it. The real record with all the people on it HAS already been released, but my verse was never added due to the fact that I was supposed to rerecord it.

Yeah I know, corny right … but yeah whatever here is another Vino Venitas rap song that I have had for some time. And remember this is my old stuff I no longer rap, Im just your regular friendly neighborhood poet.