This weeks praise: Masashi Kishimoto

This weeks praise: Masashi Kishimoto

Ok to stay in the theme of Japan and people that have given me more than a FEW hours of entertainment, I will praise Masashi Kishimoto.

He is the writer of Naruto, in case you don’t know what or who Naruto is go Google it. I first came across Naruto, when my cousin was watching it, I think maybe 4 or 5 years ago. And it had like a 100 episodes, and we all know who I am right. I watched them in like one week, and ever since I have been hooked on it.

I mean who doesn’t like ninjas? And who doesn’t like powers taken from monsters, or simple humans who by channeling their inner self can do amazing stuff. And then of course the story, which went from a weird love triangle, to a devastating rivalry, to a all out war. The characters are engaging and  to be honest with you, some of the characters in the story are just plain old FREAKING awesome. Uchiha Itachi, Google him as well, because if ever there is one coo dude out there its him.

I am and will remain a avid reader of this manga.Alas I cant follow the anime anymore, because there are a BUNCH of episodes that have nothing to do with the story, which made me and a lot of people stop watching it. But he has given me a wonderful story/manga to enjoy.

And for that he deserves my praise.

As a side note, to all my Naruto people, who do you think will win … Madara or the 5 Kages?

Me personally I say Madara, until someone comes to help them out, which will most likely be the case. Because from what we have seen so far, they are NOT matching up. But as is common with the praises I give, here are some of the characters of Naruto.

And of course 2 quick videos to show you how coo the anime looks.

That’s it for this weeks praise, now go watch Naruto. Trust me the anime’s I recommend are better than any damn dramatic TV show, or silly game show you can watch.

And to wrap it up a few more pics:

Vino Venitas