Poem of the month: Seriously I’m good

Poem of the month: Seriously I’m good

Sunshine, rainbows and a glistening sea

Never showed themselves but I’m happy

I have danced with luck, I’ve smiled with fun

Often reminisce on the stuff I’ve done

I won’t deny that some of it is just plain crazy

Might not look it at times, but trust that I’m happy

I might act obsessive, or like a spoiled child

But when I get what I want, all I do is smile

Work my ass off to get where I need to be

“Never give up, regardless” I love my mentality

Drank with DJ’s, wasted at a frat party

Sipped water on a plain in New Zealand, I’m happy

Chilled at Niagara Falls, swam in the Mexican sea

Went from America’s country side to N.Y.C

Friends all over the globe, guess I’m easy to like

Spent about 10 years without having a fight

Got drunk with the locals at a Japanese café

My mind state is to make sure I enjoy every day

I find humor in everything, the world can’t get absurd enough

Becoming happy is easy, but staying it is pretty tough

I smile at the sun and Ill smile at the moon

New experiences always come, so I’ll make sure I have room

I’m good with what I’ve done, curious to see what I’ll do

The future started yesterday, the past is already through

I’m all over the world with a heart that’s at peace

My inspiration to stay dreaming will never cease

I love who I am, and the insanity I hold

The pieces I wrote, the stories I’ve told

Written a lot of depressive stuff to say the least

But I’m good, I’m happy my mind is at peace

Trust me


As promised a happy poem, the last few poems I have shared with you guys were rather depressive, so I felt like I should lighten the heck up. And so I did, this poem is me telling you guys Im aight, dont worry about me. So another honest poem from your boy … I love poetry.