The release: Naked Remix

The release: Naked Remix

Ok so unlike some people I am proud of most of the stuff I have done in my past. Because believe it or not it got me to where I am right now. And in the past the boy used to be a rapper, most people already knew that. But some people never heard it before, and those people never heard a song of yours truly. So I decided to release the few songs I have, because let’s face it … I am not going to do anything with them songs anymore. Might as well just share them with the few people that come on my site. I won’t say too much, but just give you the song and a little back story on how it came to be.

Vino Venitas Feat. Trix – Naked Remix by VinoVenitas

I was I think 17 or 18 and I met this producer who liked my voice and rap style. And you have to keep in mind in those days me received a compliment was rare so that made me feel good. And he was like before we get to the real rap stuff, let’s just make a hit record we can get spins with. I was like … really??? But he broke it down for me, and let’s just say I had faith in him. So he let me hear this beat and he was like can you write to this?

Lol even in those days, I was Vino Venitas … meaning I can write to anything. If its good or not is to be decided at a later point in time. But nevertheless I wrote to it and we recorded it on the spot. In his room, with a mic standing in the middle of it. On a computer that seemed to crash whenever too much stuff was going on at the same time. With another dude sitting in the corner listening to us talk and work. So I laid down the 2 verses, I wrote ON THE SPOT, and he sent it to his cousin who is/was a singer and the next day it came back to me, like you heard it. Nothing was added, that was the end of it.

LOL when I read it back, it just sounds like a real ghetto ass song, but yeah it is what is it, this is the first release of the Vino Venitas music collection.