A update A few words A blog A moment of sharing

A update A few words A blog A moment of sharing

In case you are here and you don’t have my in your FB list, or you don’t see my posts even though I am in your FB list, here is a quick update of what will go down next month. I am going to Okinawa, and in case you don’t know what Okinawa is or where it is. It’s still in Japan, but the thing is, it’s the spot where all the beaches are. And since its summer time, I wanna sit at the beach, drinking sum liquor, listening to a playlist MADE for sitting there, and watch the wave’s crash on the shore. Yes I want to do that. As usual I will be by myself, so don’t worry about anything crazy happen people, I just want to relax and unwind from relaxing and unwinding. Because work has become work, the kids are STILL awesome, still SUPER sweet and freaking funny … but yeah its work … it really is.

So yeah I am going to chill at the beach, I’ll take some pictures if I see some coo stuff, but if I don’t … don’t blame me, blame the boogie.

Oh yeah I feel like some people actually thought I was asking for their money … if you did do that, you don’t know me at all, and shouldn’t even BE READING what I post here. But yeah since no one wanted to see me, I am able to spend my money on going to the beach. Would have been a lot cheaper to go back home and bring back some shoes with me, but hey chilling in the sun seems ok as well doesn’t it?

Ok now, here are a few things you guys MIGHT be interested in. I have a new set of enemies, and their name is Spider. This one spider scared the SHIT out of me, it was trying to make a spider web RIGHT above my FREAKING bed. You know I had to kill it right, but the fact that it did that was just DISRESPECTFULL. And kind of makes me scared to go to sleep now, but hey I’m a big boy right I can handle some stuff … right? Right?

So that’s about it, I don’t have anything else to share with you people, I will NOT be online when I am in Okinawa, I’m taking a break from everything, so be aware of that. Other than that, here you go.

Here is my favorite song of the month, yes Amira I started listening to the guy … yeah

Vino Venitas