The eventual Return of Vino Venitas

The eventual Return of Vino Venitas

Ok so in the last blog I told you guys about the life and struggles of a poor black guy in Japan. This time around its only right that I come back and inform you that everything is good. I have a new job, and a new apartment. I went from a 1 room apartment to a 2 room one, so now I can really get guests if need be. Now before I go on with this blog I feel like telling you guys a quick story.

So I was cleaning up my old place right, I had already moved out all the big stuff like my bed. So now I had to go and clean out the drawers and cupboards and such. So due to the fact that I was going back and forth all day between the old and new place it was already evening time. Keep in mind that I was cleaning in the evening, and the hallway light was broken so I was working with my small kitchen light. Which gives me enough light to see whats good, but not super bright or anything. But ok, so Im doing the top cupboard first, because that is where I had all my plastic bags and cleaning supplies. No problem there, I just cleaned that up and put it in plastic bags. Then it was time to get started on the bottom cupboard. Now I have to tell you guys that this bottom cupboard had the pipe of my kitchen sink go through it. So there was a hole in it, that leads down to well the sewers and stuff right.

So I open the far left door, take stuff out, and then I moved to the next one. I opened it, and my body froze up. My skin started to get goosebumps because there on the far wall of the cupboard was this HUGE and I do mean HUGE shadow, of something that had antennas that curved. Yes they curved, and it was just standing there on the wall. So I closed that door again, and took a few steps back. And acted like I cleaned it out already so there was NO need for me to open it up EVER again. Then I said ok lets do the drawer where I keep my knives and forks real quick before that monster starts to move. So I open the drawer up, and I go to grab a bag to place the utensils in, and I move my hand closer to the drawer to get some stuff out. But right on FAWKING time I look at the drawer and there is ANOTHER MONSTER IN THAT BITCH.

Ok so at this point I release what can ONLY be described as a manly scream. Because well I was startled a little bit. I grabbed my gas gun, and killed that bastard. I closed the drawer to make sure the gas did its work … and I never opened that drawers again. I lost all my stuff people, I moved to my new place with 1 spoon, 1 plate and a frying pan. That cupboard and drawer were dead to me, so I lost my stuff … sad right?

Yeah, but other than that everything is ok. I have also decided when I will go back to the Netherlands, so just take a chill pill because I will be back. Luckily I have internet at my new place, so I don’t have to wait for stuff like that. Oh yeah since this is my tell you stuff blog, here is some more info you might want to know.

My last apartment, car and telephone were all stuff I got from my old company. But the old company is done right, so I had to hand everything back over. I lost it all, so now Im back to walking everywhere. Im really missing my car people … Im really missing it.

But yeah that’s about it, with regards to my living situation. As for my creative stuff, well I bought a new laptop so I can create stuff again which is just a real good feeling. And is doing better everyday. My Japanese has also progressed a lot since I came here … not where I want it to be, but it’s a LOT better than what it was. If you have any questions or remarks, drop them here. Thanks for reading this stuff … and thanks for dropping by. Oh yeah just in case you were wondering, when I get back we WILL continue Spoken Notes, and everything else I was doing. Because stuff kind of fell asleep without the boy present.