The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition P.3

The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition P.3

The work itch, now most of you will feel what I am trying to say. But have you ever gotten that feeling while you were going to work as if you have done this a million times. And that it isn’t anything special anymore, and that it has been done. I am starting to get that feeling a bit more than I want to. The kids are still awesome, and I actually got a BUNCH of new sweet cute kids in to teach some English to. But seriously, this itch is what makes me leave places to find something new to do. You can call it boredom or burn out, whatever it is, it seems to be growing. It has even seeped into my creativity, because I have been trying to write this novel for the LONGEST time and it doesn’t seem to get anywhere. I have been stuck on chapter 6 for like ever now. I think that the reason for this work itch is due to the fact that my hours of doing nothing seem to have gotten longer.

Last Tuesday I had one class the entire day, meaning that I sat there doing nothing for like 7 hours straight. Or maybe the fact that I can’t speak Japanese as well as I want to, or maybe the rural country side is getting to me, I don’t know what it is, but I want to move. Thus the wanting to go to Tokyo in August thing came into being. As a side note for most people who might be interested, I am hurting as a mofo right now. For some reason my arms are killing me, they REALLY hurt. I don’t know how it happened, or what I did wrong but for like 2 months now, this pain comes and goes. Now if you know me, you know that I hate doctors, because all they want to do is prescribe you drugs so you can numb the pain.

BUT I am going to go to the hospital sometime soon if this keeps up, cause I can’t keep this up any longer … people it REALLY hurts. And another thing, I bet most of you guys noticed that I never post pictures of the kids. Well there is actually a pretty good reason for that, and the reason is … ITS ILLEGAL in Japan. Like seriously if you put the pictures on FaceBook the school can sue you, and they will be well within their rights. Since I don’t know the rules of this particular law, I don’t know if I can just post them on here. So to stay on the safe side, I just don’t post them. Figured I should tell you guys the reason as to why there haven’t been any. Yeah that’s about it, for the work itch part. This place is finally starting to become like a real world, where I have done what can be done.

OH YEAH this doesn’t really fit in here, but since Im talking now anyway I might as well share it. The weather here in Japan, has switched from cold to nice. Meaning that its pretty warm here right now, and guess who likes warm weather … FAWKING bugs. After 5+ months, of rest and relaxation and shaky nerves whenever I get home to just find nothing are once again over. I didn’t have another death match with a monster, but with a baby of the monster race. It wasn’t as scary, but it means that the bastards are back … they are back. A few more attacks and people I promise you, you might see me back home a LOT earlier than expected.

That’s it, next week will be the story and poem of the month.

Vino Venitas