Sometimes certain things go just as expected and there is nothing that will make you change your mind to try a different path. Love can be one of those things because love at the end of the day is a decision. A decision that many make too quick or for all the wrong reasons while others do all they can do to not make that choice in the first place. Love can take people into very dark places but it can also bring them into some of the most beautiful mind-states available.

With “Unreservedly” two poets tried to delve into the mind state of those who seek for company and only that. In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to engage in casual relationships where they use one another to fill the gap that loneliness creates. The issue with this relationship is that at times one party doesn’t know they are in it, or they “fall in love.”

Loving someone Unreservedly is hard.

That’s the problem with emotions, they tend to be rather unpredictable and sometimes “Unreservedly” you hurt someone. Now, what makes this poem or rather a spoken word video we did so coo is the fact that we both tried to stay within the realm of one way of writing. She created a beautiful poem while I tried to write a beautiful spoken word piece. The way this came together to create this amazing piece even surprised me.

Love and romance are and will always be part of the human experience. And as such, you can rest assured that they will also forever be embedded in poetry. This was a really nice collaboration and allowed me to be a part of another amazing piece poetry.

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