Trying to be good

Trying to be good

The world is a heavy place, it’s a dark place filled with a lot of negativity. And with the birth of the internet, all that darkness has found a safe way to find some light.  The concept of being a troll has given a lot of haters the space to free all their disgust with people who are enjoying life.

But in real life, there are these rules and unwritten laws that society tends to abide by. People often don’t even realize that they are following said rules. Treating women like objects, eating food you know is bad for you. Enjoying the benefits of systemic racism. It’s so very easy to get lost in becoming a part of this bad system.

Trying to be good in a bad world is a hard thing to do.

So you have to wake up from the spell this world puts on you. You have to actually try to break free from being a bad influence on the world. Trying to be good in a bad world is a hard thing. Because it often means that you’re going against the norm. You have to actually try to be good, or else you will never see for yourself how your actions perpetuate a system that is slowly destroying your mind and our world.

Growth is a part of life, but so many times people tend to want to be comfortable rather than growing. They want everything to stay the same, so they don’t have to work on being better. Which to me is a very sad thing, because a sea without waves will rot.

This was a beautiful collab with an amazing poet. I loved the way we came together to give this concept form. If you liked this spoken word poetry collaboration, I am sure you will enjoy the rest of the videos on my Youtube Channel, so don’t forget to subscribe. And keep in mind that I also have a poetry book for sale. Thanks for coming and have a great week.