The word beautiful

The word beautiful

The word beautiful. A very simple but very impactful word that often gets flung around like a cheap pick up line. But the thing is, I would like to redefine the concept of beauty into something more related to acceptance. Because beautiful is often linked to something that is closely related to perfection.

And perfection is another term for as good as it can possibly be. The issue is that people WANT something to be better than what it is so that it can live up to the name perfection or beautiful. The thing that often escapes a lot of people is that everything is perfect as is. Which means that beauty is whatever you lay your eyes upon.

The word beautiful is dangerous but amazing at the same time.

Accepting the situation as is and learn how to appreciate the beauty each moment holds is very hard to do. But I am trying to get to the level where I can just be at peace with everything and love everything for what it is. A flower is beautiful regardless of the state it is in. A body is perfect regardless of the size it is.

Understanding that the world doesn’t need to be improved is something that will just escape most people. And that is what this poem is all about. I would never want to be someone who tells others what to do, but if I can guide them or help them realize the beauty in the world … my job is done.

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