The Vino Venitas Blog: No New News Now

The Vino Venitas Blog: No New News Now

Ok so I cant say too much because well I dont have a lot to say. But nevertheless lets get down to the nitty gritty of what I want to say in this blog. Ok so lets get down to with the headline. My contract with the company I am working for has expired, and that means that RIGHT now, come march I am jobless. The problem with that is that if I don’t have a job by that time I will have to come back to Amsterdam. So I have been on my grind, to make sure I get a new job be that time. The issue with it is that I am from a NON English speaking country. So the actual finding of a job is kind of difficult, so that means I got a 50/50 chance of leaving or staying here in Japan.

But I am working on it, so lets just hope I still got my luck with me. I am trying to move to Tokyo and this would be the best time to do so. So yeah, Im just thinking about what I should do with regards to moving or staying.

Ok that is the main headline, now for the minor ones to make their way to the page. My website SpinyBackWebdesign has gone through a LOT of changes, but I think its on its final change. Right now I am translating 4 different manga series, and I am doing that all by myself. I have been doing this SpinyBack website thing for a year now, and its close to 2000 different posts on several topics and subjects. You might just want to check it out, and see if there is something you like.

Ok the main reason I would like to go back to Amsterdam is so that I can start creating stuff again. I am really missing being creative the way I was back home. So if I do stay another year I am going to buy a computer and start again, because I just miss having stuff that I created … and being able to look at them.

What else … I am currently still working on my 5th book, and its going pretty slow but writing it is pretty coo, and the story is becoming something even I didn’t expect. I have decided on the publisher for my 3rd book, but I am still looking for one for my 4th book. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. I know that I haven’t been on my VinoVenitas shits for a SECOND, but I am really focusing on my SpinyBack and the work that comes with it.

And due to the amount of time I have I have REALLY been working on concepts for short movies, and long movies and everything else I can create. My creative mind is really wanting to have his old freedom back. So just keep in mind that once I get back I will be back on my grind, because form what I gather … work is still not being given to people. So yeah, I just wanted to post up a new blog, and tell you guys what I have been working on and whats coming. If you have any questions or remarks place them here.