The Vino Venitas Blog 1st Edition Japan Edition

The Vino Venitas Blog 1st Edition Japan Edition

Ok so due to some irregularities I did not have access to internet so I was unable to post my blog. And this was reflected in my mail box, and all the questions that came with it. So here is it the Vino Venitas Blog of my time in Japan. Now there are more than a few things I’m trying to accomplish while I’m here, so I’m going to break it down into chapters. Now I know that the sound of chapters just makes it seem really long and honestly I’m going to try to be as specific as possible so that you won’t have any questions afterwards with regards to what I’m doing or how it is and such. For this blog the chapters will be:

–          Ashikaga (the place I’m staying at)

–          Teaching Times

–          Spoken Notes

–          Poem of the month

–          Story of the month

–          New Anime/Manga’s to watch

–          Gym Developments

–          Project Updates

Those will be the chapters for this month’s blog. I will try to do a monthly blog so that you can see what I have been up to and how I’m doing and such. But before we get into all that stuff I first want to say thanks for coming here and being interested in my stuff, I don’t get it but I like it. And make sure to drop a comment or 2, so I know you read it. Because if no one reads it what’s the use of making it. So make sure to drop a comment. Now let’s get started.