The Value of Helping Someone

The Value of Helping Someone

This time around I want to have a quick talk about the value of helping someone. Now people are usually quick to help you, but and this is a BIG but, you have to keep in mind that people will only help you ONCE! This is because after they have helped you, they figure that you should have taken everything you needed from that one piece of help they have given you. And dont feel like helping you again will have any added benefit. Now of course we have to keep in mind that I could be wrong, but think about it for a second. Because Im not talking about your family, who are somewhat obligated to help you, to a certain degree. Or you mom and dad who kind of NEED to help you. Im talking about a relatively unknown person who decided to help you doing something. They will often enjoy the thrill of doing something new. But the thrill of doing something new fades away with the quickness, and then it leaves motivation and the TRUE act of helping someone. A lot of people dont want to push past that.

And if you feel I am wrong, ask yourself how much did you REALLY even help a stranger. Did it ever break your comfort zone? Did it ever exceed the original point effort you initially wanted to put in? If yes, then you are awesome and I cant say one word to you, because this one doesnt apply to you. You will be on the receiving end of the point I am mentioning right now. Because when you are working on your dream, or working on something you love, you will often find yourself depending on the help of others. And from my personal experiences, people will help you for the thrill of helping a stranger, and so they can caress their own ego’s as they do so. Because feeling good about helping people is a good high … REGARDLESS of what I say here, its a good high, and you should help strangers. But I am talking about doing more than the simple one time. Because I dont know how your problems work, but usually one tap on it, doesnt solve it immediately.

Now I cant get out of this blog, without mentioning some solid solutions, as to make sure people will keep helping you.

Here is solution number 1: PAY THEM!!!

All other options are situation based, because if your dreams align, they will also help you and you dont have to pay them. If you offer them some awesome rewards at the end of helping you, they will also be willing. But just depending on the goodness of people … is a battle you will often lose. I would love to see a different opinion on this one. And dont forget to follow me on Twitter. And tell me what you feel about The Value of Helping Someone because to me The Value of Helping Someone isnt as high as it could be in this world. And dont underestimate The Value of Helping Someone.