The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game humanity ever played was trying to understand itself

The greatest threat they ever faced was the concept of wealth

Chasing a definition they never fully understood

Speaking with words, never meant to be good

This game they created, grew and became its own being

Humanity chose to ignore it, downplaying what they were seeing

Calling it revolution or rather evolution

Smiling as they hide and covet their illusion

But somewhere behind this veil of hunter and hunted

A dark monster crept into cracks, yet none wanted to see it

It grasped at the backs of humans left alone

It looked at the beauty of all the concepts that were thrown

Left, right up and down

All the concepts of humanity were thrown around

Now only the whispers of what used to be, linger

And the cracks became a space, constantly growing bigger

Over and over, the dark monster grew along

But humanity never once thought it would become this strong

The most dangerous game humans ever played was ignoring that space

The most dangerous game humans ever ignored was  those trying to fill the space

You can see this dark monster extend his grasp on man, woman and child

You can now seen this dark monster in all its elegance, where it used to be wild

With time, the most dangerous game became a part of society

Fighting the dark monster became a thing of beauty

The most dangerous game we ever played was not realizing the strength of boredom

The most dangerous game we have ever seen is our struggle against boredom

Not understanding ourselves leaves room for boring

Getting to know yourself is the scariest thing for most, because the first stage requires a level of boring

And people would rather lose themselves in the noise of fighting boredom and the pain it brings forth

Then be alone by themselves, be alone with nothing but their own thoughts

Humanity is clearly losing The Most Dangerous Game ever played



I firmly believe that most people do nothing more than fight boredom as they go through life. This has become the core for most people as they go through their day to day. Some people are lucky enough to find what makes them fight their boredom. But some people lose themselves in the possibility of boredom and go to the extreme to fight it. Being left alone to fight your own boredom, is one heck of a thing. But yeah, I do believe that most of this is due to that space created in between activities. And people still found a concrete way to fill that, and that is why technology is able to replace most of that space with its new gadgets.

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