The lie vs. the truth

The lie vs. the truth

Imagine the two concepts known as lies and truth taking physical form and actually being able to move. Then put those two into the ring with each other and have them fight it out. And then the common man will be the audience to spectate this event. How would that go and who would be the winner between the two?  The lie vs. the truth is that idea personified in the form of a spoken word poem.

The lie vs. the truth is the bout of the century.

This idea came to me when watching the Breakfast Club and Charlamagne tha god said: “No one cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining”. That accurately describes the current mind-state of our present society. I wanted to capture the essence of that idea and give it life. I ran down the possibilities of displaying how entertaining the lie could be in comparison to the truth. The lie vs. the truth seemed to be most fitting because these two have always been at odds. So the next logical step would be to have the two fight it out in some way, shape or form. And having them box it out seemed to be the fun way to go about it.

I am often baffled at how much people tend to feel entertained by what they clearly know to be lies. Losing touch with reality to such a degree that peoples lives who have no bearing on their own are more important than understanding themselves. Now the lie seems to have become the standard and the truth is merely a follow up on it. The lie vs. the truth might just be a poem I wrote to illustrate it, but this is a common reoccurrence in the media. I just hope that one day the world will once again crave the truth instead of the lie.

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