Story: Hudsons Tale Pt. 1

Story: Hudsons Tale Pt. 1

A Pioneers Tale

The wave’s crash, thunder roars and rain pours

As the Halve Maen is steadily following its course

It’s sails commissioned by the business driven V.O.C.

It’s hull once again tries to challenge the unforgiving sea

It’s captain, a man unyielding in his pursuit of a dream

His plan was to find an unknown ocean seam

That would bring the orient closer and validate his drive to explore

But the core of his crew, grew ever more sore

Their spirits heavy, morale would steadily deplore

Due to fighting arctic winds and surviving grave storms

Until one night Henry Hudson would find himself locked in the devils horns

Rage exploded, sanity eroded

The hierarchy of peace has now corroded

Whispers in the quarters of silent dismay

As anger reaches its border it creates a display

The screams of mutiny filled the night

The clashing of swords under the moon light

Create a dance of sparks that twiddle ever so elegantly

As if oblivious to this violent part in history

The crew won their battle, reclaiming the freedom they missed

Hudson’s price, was that he was set adrift

To forever sail and explore the sea alone

An eternity has passed and his body is long gone

But for the sake of this story we will bring back his soul

His spirit his drive, yes for now he is alive

He will once again set sail excluding a possible fail

We will wander through his mind as we hang from the ships rail

What would he think and what would he see

If in 2009 he would once again dance with the sea