Why Men Cheat


Now this video right here, was done because I wanted to do a kind of spoken word type thing, and i wanted to do something socially responsible. And this is what came to my mind, it was one heck of a time shooting this one, because a LOT went wrong, but I took it all in stride and gave yall this. I almost made a blooper reel because so much went wrong. But yeah WHY MEN CHEAT!!!!!!

This should answer some good questions for you girls out there. Because by now this is something you have either encountered or you have seen it in a movie or you best friend went through it. So here you go, and since this is coming from a man who has been on both sides, its easy to tell you why it is. And keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule, so certain men are just dogs who will be dogs for the sake of being a dog. But there are more than a few good ones out there. You just have to train them, or catch them at the right time, so you wont have to know why men cheat.

But dont let me know tell you everything by writing, I made the video for a reason. And if you have any questions, I as a man will answer them all honestly, without any prejudice or masking to keep any kind of game going. Just never and we do mean never, underestimate the power and value of sex, as it is the reason why men cheat or at least most of them. If your man tells you that sex has become boring LISTEN DAMMIT, and try to spice things up. If you told your man and he didnt listen … SHOW HIM ITS WRONG!!!

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