Social Currency

Social Currency

There are some of us who just dont care about Social Currency whatsoever. But most of us, or well most of the world that is online cares about it one way or another. Social Currency has become the driving factor for most people to be online. Its not about becoming famous, but more about just sharing what it is you go through. And as you will notice as you start sharing your life. Certain things just get more likes and comments than other things. That is what it means to have Social Currency. Because certain things get a lot of likes regardless and that is what this video is about. To maximize your social feed and ensure that your Social Currency can reach its highest potential.

Some people enter the world of social media with a certain reluctance. They want to be a part of it, but not get lost in it. These are the copper level people. Some people embrace the whole thing, and share whatever they feel needs to be shared. Regardless of how it might be perceived or taken, they do it because it makes them feel a certain way. These are the comfortable gold levels. And some people, get lost in that world and in my opinion take it a bit too far. These are the so called Platinum folks. Lets be real here … I dont need to see everything you do. And if you do wish to share everything, give me the good and the bad. Dont just flaunt those few moments where happiness finds you. Give me those dark moments where you’re fighting your tears. If you truly wish to share it all, then do so accordingly.

But at present day, the online world doesnt like negative energy. They only wish to like fun things and beautiful things. Because being happy all the time is the way of the world … yeah it really is. So what if you could go to a bank to make sure your Social Currency is taken care of. To make sure your Social Currency will stay at a certain level. To ensure that your Social Currency will grow over time. Treat it like actual money. Wouldnt that be a great world where Social Currency is the key to being happy. But if you dont, that is ok. Because I am certain that right now, you have one or two Platinum level friends in your feed. The main question is still … what plan are you on?

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