Songs of the month

Songs of the month

I have decided to let the drunken blog stay up, people seem to like it, so it will stay unedited and all. But ok here are the songs of the month. First is

Tank – Underrated

The reason why this is the song of the month is due to the fact that this song is 1 really awesome. And second I relate to this song as a mofo. The whole concept of working your ass off, and not getting the amount of lets say “shine” you feel you deserve is a thing I know. I have been working on my craft, and I lets just say that people like it, but for some reason I cant seem to get that break Im looking for. Which is ok. it just means I have to work harder, and keep walking on this road untill I get where I want to go. But it just seems like Im underrated … and dont get it twisted, Im not saying Im awesome, Im just saying Im a bit underrated.

Now for the next song, I wanted to show you guys a group or song thats just HOT. Im a real big Hip Hop fan, but lately I havent heard anything really good. So I had to switch to another genre, but luckily Hip Hop aint dead yet, and the proof is Slaughterhouse. The second song of the month is:

Slaughterhouse – Hammerdance

Listen to it and tell me that aint hot. Who cares for a reason, this is a hot song, I cant wait for the album. Slaughterhouse all day san.

Vino Venitas