Short Stories

Short Stories

She always told the best stories, never rejected a request

She was truly unique, truly the best

Her stories were never written, never recorded

Her plots were intricate yet simple enough to get it

She whispered to build suspense, threw glances to suck you into the tale

Obtaining your complete attention, she would never fail

The twists in her stories were never forced

Her character development never seemed coerced

It was truly an escape to a world never seen

It was truly an escape to a world befitting the title “dream”

We were right there watching as the sky broke into pieces

We felt the bullets pass us by as her tension increases

We saw the magic distort reality

We saw the dragons fly through the sky, felt the bad guy’s insanity

We were right there, we were a part of her short stories

We dismissed the TV, had no need for the movies

For their tales had been told, and recycled and reshaped

To the point everything we saw was a simple remake

But her stories, were never based on what we knew

Her stories came from a dark place some of us simply outgrew

Her imagination, sparked our fantasy

Forced us to rethink and remodel our own life story

It was her short stories, it was the passion in her voice

It was the fact that we got to decide the heroes choice

It was more than just words told

It was a warm place in a world ever cold

It was a safe haven from a place unrelenting

It was love in the middle of destruction

It was as if she told her life, it was as if she gave it to us

It was as if her short stories, could never be enough

We craved more, for it was that which made us whole

Every time, every tale, she bared her soul

And we glanced with eyes of purity

For there is nothing in this world that can stand up to her short story

Sleep was never sweeter, dreams were never more colorful

Living up to that moment, made the rest of the day dull

Yes … she told us short stories no one ever heard

No matter the time that passes, I will remember every word

Some say she never existed, some say it was all a dream

Some say my sense of real is twisted, some say she was never seen

But I dont care, I live in a world where stories are told and sold

And she gave me something that will forever remain bold

A sense of self, a pool of imagination never running dry

She was real to us, made us feel like we could fly

Imagination was there when our parents were not

Fantasy complimented us when our parents forgot

It was her short stories, that made us who we are

For us, she will forever sleep upon a dark star



Sometimes a story is more than a story, and words can be so much more than simple tools communication. When you cant find someone to spark you imagination, do so yourself. Create your imagination, define your own fantasy, and make the world realize that everyday is a short story that deserves to be told. Never give into the pressure of being a closed book, instead demand that your words be heard and read. Live life on the edge, for safety often dulls the senses. Be a writer of your own story and make sure you dont forget to keep the mistakes, as you write your own Short Stories.

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