She wore a mask

She wore a mask

This collaboration was fun because it allowed me to step into a totally different space. As a writer or as a poet you have the freedom to create worlds. And luckily sometimes someone wants to collaborate and pull you out from the usual worlds you create to a new one. This one was with Caitlin who is one heck of an artist. And she gave me this amazing video of her dancing wearing a mask. That inspired the concept of “she wore a mask”.

She wore a mask to hide herself from the world.

Women tend to go through a lot from the moment they are born. From society telling them that their worth is based on their appearance. Or men treating them like objects to be used for their own pleasure. I can keep going and going from rape culture to this so-called “glass ceiling”. With the whole #metoo thing I felt that I at least needed to give my 2 cents on the whole thing.

From the first line till the last one I wanted to create a vibe that showed how strong women need to be in this world. We all put on a façade in a certain way to try and be a part of whatever “world” we want to be in. She wore a mask is what I would have said if I were given a chance “Which I kind of was” to say my piece.

So for all you wonderful ladies out there doing what they have to do to be great. For those great women who break through the walls, society puts up. This one is for you, because you deserve the world. So “She wore a mask” is for you.

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