Rush Hour 5

Rush Hour 5

To be clear, I have always liked this movie because of the exact same reasons I stated in this very piece. It takes some time for some people to wake up and actually see what some movies are trying to say. Because movies have this amazing power that a lot of people underestimate. These movies are able to define the reality of some people. They give this image that people cling to as they meet the people represented in the movie.

Rush Hour 5 is dangerous.

They share these fake statistics that linger in the subconscious of the viewers. Stereotypes are enhanced to the point that people take them as fact. Racism is shown as something that should be perceived as comedic instead of painful. And how certain aspects of a culture are just funny if you put it into the “right light”.

And Rush Hour is one heck of a movie that did a LOT of damage to the subconscious of a lot of people. But they, just like me didn’t realize it at the time of viewing. But now that I woke up, I have to call nonsense when I see it. Writing poetry gives you the chance to voice the pain of unspoken racism.

I once again had an amazing poet willing to work with me on another spoken word project. And he actually came up with this idea, and me being who I am, I just loved the concept from the jump. I love it when I get to write something that punches the strings of a reality love to grab ahold of. And that’s what this piece allowed me to do.

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