Ready or not

Ready or not

Ready or not is about death and how people tend to not want to die. And the fear of not dying tends to keep people awake and tends to push people into this mindstate of wanting more out of life. More than what might be destined for them or promised to them. Others just pretend they will live forever and they have all the time in the world to do anything they want. These are the exact same people who don’t mind wasting their life away at a job they hate because they think they have the time to do what they want at some point in life. And before they know it, they are what you might call senior citizens and they have reached that point of retirement and entered their golden years.

Ready or not, here comes death, so fight your fear.

Ready or not is about two poets coming together and trying to divide the fear into compartments. Where logic and acceptance are at this perfect intersection and you just see death for what it is. It’s a consequence of life, dying is a privilege of the living. Ready or not is what you could call the beauty of not running away from death. And understanding that death will come regardless of what you do and that it might visit you at a time you least expect.

Death is also not something that just affects you, it affects those around you as well. The pain of your life ending is but a moment for you, but those who love you feel it for a longer period of time. Time is beautiful as it will help heal the wound that loss creates. But death has this special way of making that wound ooze pain from time to time. Ready or not, is about not being scared of the inevitable but rather using it a tool of motivation.

Here is the spoken word poem:

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