Procrastination is a defense mechanism

Procrastination is a defense mechanism

When I heard “procrastination is a defense mechanism” I sat down and gave it some thought. Because I always figured that avoiding doing something was just because you didn’t want to do it. But I never really thought about the reasoning behind why I didn’t didn’t want to do something. I just figured that motivation had ups and downs.

But if I take “procrastination is a defense mechanism” as a frame to my actions, I can get a totally different perspective. Perhaps the fear of failure is bigger than the drive to succeed. And their sizes fluctuate so from time to time I will want to move forward and other times I will want to stand still.

Procrastination is a defense mechanism or is it?

My logic then also becomes an excuse. Because if you take actions that don’t bring forth any results, you will stop said actions. It’s only logical to do so. But true drive forces you to keep going even if the results you want don’t come in the way you want them to. The fear of the results never coming can deter me for a small period of time but I will get back on my grind.

So being stubborn helps me to fight my fear. I am more scared of being stuck in routine than I am of failing. But I do get tired of failing, so I do believe you need some time to rest up before you get back in it. To me, that’s not procrastinating its just resting up before standing up.

But make sure you fell first before you start resting. Don’t just start resting before even taking a step towards your goal. Do you agree with that? Watch the full spoken word poem here:

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