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Hi Haters

Hi Haters

Hi Haters

I’ve created a 7 month gap in between videos. And Im sorry for that, because I am sure that some folks are missing their weekly dose of Vino Venitas nonsense to keep their hate going. So I’ve finally set everything up accordingly where I am located to create some more videos. This is the first one, and in my opinion I am clearly a bit rusty. But now that I have figured out what it is, I should be able to give you guys some quality poems again. The goal is to do one every week like the good ol days.

Now, Hi Haters is a poem that I wanted to do because I have more than a few haters. And I feel like Im letting them down by not giving them stuff to hate on. Of course they can just hate on stuff Ive already done or mistakes Ive already made. But if you dont give them fresh material it will put some rust on their hate. So I decided to make something new JUST for my haters. This is the wake up video, so you have to thank the haters when you wake up.

And last but not least, I do wanna apologize for being so slow with these videos. But now that I have everything set up, we should be good. And now I can create some other videos as well. I dont wanna do the whole blog thing where I explain everything, I would rather just show you what Im about to do.  So Hi Haters I hope youre doing good. Hi Haters I hope your life is going exactly the way you want it to go. Hi Haters I hope this will get you back on your hating grind. Hi Haters I hope this will give you stuff to talk about, because Im sure that my past is getting a little redundant to talk about.

Now in case you just want to read some poems, GO HERE.

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Poem: Not just yet

Poem: Not just yet

I know the world is weighing you down
I know your screaming without making a sound
But don’t give in just yet
There is more to come
The shackles of reality have bared their fangs at you
Pain’s voice is quietly whispering what to do
But don’t give in just yet
There is more to see
A smile you have yet do, awaits in the dark
Happiness always hides a booth inside misery’s theme park
Wishes and dreams taken from you
No good deed goes unpunished, never seemed more true
But don’t let this break the pride, that has kept you standing
Don’t shatter that attitude, that no matter what, keeps smiling
I know its piling up, I know your mornings seem less bright
I know your inches away, from surrendering the fight
But don’t give in just yet
There is so much waiting for you
Don’t wait for this to be over, and simply let it slide
Put your chest out, and take whatever life gives you in stride
By the end of it all, after you weathered the storm
You will see acceptance, where you thought you could only mourn
Stand in the rain, with your face to sky
If it gets too much, it’s OK to cry
But don’t give in just yet
There are things you still need to achieve
The past will never decide what is to come
Show genetics that lines can be undone
Rewrite the story they keep telling
Re-brand what it is they keep selling
Family is a title given to those closest to you
Blood isn’t the key for kin, hold those words true
Scream till your soul has let go of all its tears
Cry till you have washed away all your fears
Fight until the fire of passion simmers down
Keeping looking ahead, as if it’s the only path around
Hard times, test you in ways you didn’t think possible
But don’t give in just yet
I need you to be there, to show me you can
There is always a shoulder to cry on
With a pen and a pad, for when it really goes wrong
I won’t ask you to stay strong
You have been doing so, maybe too long
I will ask you to smile, even if it’s to hide the pain
I will ask you to laugh, even if it makes you look insane
I know it feels like it’s just not meant to be
And I know it feels like the future will be empty
But don’t give in just yet
There is more to come
There is more to see
There is so much waiting for you
There are things you still need to achieve
I need you to be there, to show me you can
Don’t give in … not just yet


This one is for someone who is going through some hard times. I could be there to give that person a hug or any kind of other help. So I had to do what a writer does, and help with words. This might just be the first time I tried to uplift someone with words. I hope it works, because hard times can be really dark. Poem: Not just yet

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Poem: Are you scared?

Poem: Are you scared?

Are you scared to see what could be
If you would only deem yaself happy
Run around with fears that have no meaning
Afraid to tell people what your dreaming
Cus you’ve been stepped on spit on
Talked about then left alone
So now your afraid to repeat a mistake that another has made
Cant step off the foundation that their lies have laid
So you abandon hope and neglect what makes you you
Adapting to the image they perceive as you
That aint right
Put up a fight
Surprise yaself … be yaself
Whats the use of the verbal abuse of what they perceive as the truth
Its only seen from their perspective
But in all honesty the easy road is so seductive
So you would rather sit back and kick back and later on look back at what coulda been
Thinking to yourself OH what a beauty my life could have been
If only I had the fuel and the spirit to chase my dreams
Instead of letting other peoples opinion ruin my dream
But what you forgot and forget is that they judge you from their past
Their experiences what they want and what they had
They weren’t able to run with the speed of their fantasy
So immediately they want the same for everybody
Just look em in their eyes and say I am not you
I can do anything I set my mind too
Impossible is only that if you give it that name
You and I are not the same
Your goals where the stars but you settled for the sky
I will not do the same why walk when I can fly
I will reach my fantasy open every door
Then when I look back I can see there wasn’t nuffin to be scared for
That’s just life


Sometimes you have to go back into that old box, and get something you felt was good at the time. And then when you reread it, it kind of has a nostalgic feel to it, which is a good thing. I wrote this one for someone who didnt seem to want to let go of the past. And kept clinging to something that could absolve them of certain responsibilities.

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Why Men Cheat


Now this video right here, was done because I wanted to do a kind of spoken word type thing, and i wanted to do something socially responsible. And this is what came to my mind, it was one heck of a time shooting this one, because a LOT went wrong, but I took it all in stride and gave yall this. I almost made a blooper reel because so much went wrong. But yeah WHY MEN CHEAT!!!!!!

This should answer some good questions for you girls out there. Because by now this is something you have either encountered or you have seen it in a movie or you best friend went through it. So here you go, and since this is coming from a man who has been on both sides, its easy to tell you why it is. And keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule, so certain men are just dogs who will be dogs for the sake of being a dog. But there are more than a few good ones out there. You just have to train them, or catch them at the right time, so you wont have to know why men cheat.

But dont let me know tell you everything by writing, I made the video for a reason. And if you have any questions, I as a man will answer them all honestly, without any prejudice or masking to keep any kind of game going. Just never and we do mean never, underestimate the power and value of sex, as it is the reason why men cheat or at least most of them. If your man tells you that sex has become boring LISTEN DAMMIT, and try to spice things up. If you told your man and he didnt listen … SHOW HIM ITS WRONG!!!

Make sure to buy the book while you are at it


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Poem: Yet she smiles

Poem: Yet she smiles

Her dreams crashed on the shore of reality

Her ambitions lay covered in the blanket of misery

Life has stolen a piece from her

And left without saying as much as a word

Time heals wounds but what about dreams

Her scars run deeper than my imagination can explain

She holds a suicidal amount of unreleased pain

But her screams will not be heard

Her giving up has never occurred

Her bravery has slain dragons in ages past

Her courage has pushed forth soldiers fighting for freedom

Her attitude has broken through diabolical spells cast

Its her motivation that allowed the tyranny of oppression to become undone

She stands tall, as life tries to break her down

But with every punch with every pound

She never shows where it hurts

She never complains about her tears

She never breaks the glass of valor

Tales will be spun, for she is what makes it all possible

Everything breaks down in time

But her shattered pieces of dreams are nowhere to be found

She picked them all up and placed them somewhere to never make a sound

For dreams are ambitions that have lost their drive

But she miraculously manages to keep them alive

Shattered, broken, unhinged, damaged to the very core

Unable to walk on clouds no longer able to soar

She is now an angel with clipped wings

A dancer with no ankles, a story with no end

She has been through the darkest of pits

She has wormed through the narrowest of slits

Cut, bruised, beaten … life gave it it’s all

But she is wonderful because through it all

I would have broken down, and yet she smiles

So for that I wanted to say thank you


This is a poem for this one girl who had some setbacks in life, but she took it with so much courage. She handled it with so much grace that it just moved me. And the best thing was that she did it without trying … so I dedicated a poem to her courage. And to the way she handled the bricks life handed her. Poem: Yet she smiles

Story: It was here


It was the month of May, it was a rainy day
Hiding beneath her umbrella, with a smile on her face
Staring at the sky, as if the rain was out of place
All alone in an empty field, looking at nothing but rain
Without a word being said, I understood she was in pain
The gentleman in me, approached her with caution
To see if I could lighten the burden with idle conversation
As she turned to face me, time stopped and it all went black
For a moment, there was only her, but then time found its way back
We spoke about the weather, the rain and its beauty
All the while, I was thinking “she was it for me”
We played the game accordingly, a solid foundation was set
We both knew, this was a chance at love, most never get
Our first anniversary, I took her right here
A romantic picnic, under a sky that was clear
We danced to the wind, caught in a moment of peace
As we kissed to a sunset, that we both hoped would never cease
Year in and year out, we came back to this one spot
We found happiness, both of us appreciated what we got
So in year 5, I waited for the sky to turn red
And as it did “I love you” was all I said
I placed the ring in the tall grass, and told her “you make me happy”
“Pick that up, and I will do the same for you for all eternity”
Without a moment of hesitation, she grabbed the ring
Said “YES” and it felt like moments after, we had the wedding
But thanks to wedding plans, work and the honeymoon
Dinner parties, movie times and prepping a baby room
We weren’t able to visit our favourite place
Life no longer wanted to move at our pace
We never had kids, she wasn’t able to
It was after that news, a nightmare came true
Lung cancer crept in her body and made it its home
There is no pain equal to the feeling of knowing you will be alone
Every moment I had, I was by her side
She engraved her last words in my soul, when she died
“I will be there, with a smile to sky, hiding in the rain”
“I will be there, asking the wind every day to whisper your name”
And then she smiled her last smile

Now every year I sit here, staring at a sky that refuses to rain
It was here that we met, and to me it was here that I lost her
Because only here, does the wind whisper HER name
I miss you

Story: It was here

poem poetry poetic poet poems poets wordplay verse words prose verse stanza wordsmith story stories short stories micropoetry

Secrets unveiled

Secrets unveiled

He stands over the baby’s crib looking down
Waves of emotions try to make him drown
He looks with eyes he thought he could never own
A everlasting us has now been born, he’s no longer alone
He is in love with his child, his seed, his baby
And this is that kind of love that makes grown people act crazy
He misses her, even though he is with her
He leaves just so he can come back to see her
He is head over heels lost in the paradise of parenthood
Never in his life as an emotion, felt so good
His mission is now crystal clear
This feeling has overshadowed everything he ever held dear
All his mistakes were so that he could teach her
All his pain was so that it could help her
His history will clear her futures path
He will help her with everything from boyfriends to math
Days are strung together, to make the sensation of her growing up feel better
Because every day feels better than the one before
And with each thing she learns she craves for more
He is proud to the extent that he is looking down upon stars
He is past cloud nine he is past being fine
He has found meaning
Still thinking he is dreaming because such a beauty
Coming from him has him wondering if this is reality
For it feels like a fantasy
Something so pure came from something so twisted
Chances to clean up, a few, but he missed it
He is addicted to heroine
In a life filled with misery and darkness that was his heroine
But now finally, his sin can be replaced
Because now with the perfect answer he is faced
For a question he has asked his entire life, why am I here
But with the birth of her, it’s erased all of his fear
To hold her, to cherish her, to adore her, to love her
She has to become so much more than what he is
His life in shambles drugs ruined it all
But she, she will never fall
For his arms will be by her side every second of every day
His love will be unconditional regardless of what she might say
No matter how the dark the hole, he will be her light
No matter how wrong she might be, for him she will be right
For he has been naked in the dark and swam in nothing
He has kissed loneliness and drank from the pool of despair
He is blissfully aware that life isn’t fair
But he will give her cards that he was never dealt
He will give her emotions that he has never felt
Affection, pride, the passion to stand up when you fail
The courage to stand tall no matter what storm might hail
For him it’s too late but she still has a chance
She is still able to attend life’s dance
In full attire and glowing like the sun
For her he will no longer run
He will fight his addiction
For her there is no such thing as too big an affliction
The needle will be put to rest, heroine will be kissed farewell
This will simple be a story, he will never tell
For love for your child is something you should never underestimate
And an addict is still a human even though he might reside in a dangerous state
But chances are there to be given
And mistakes are there to be forgiven
We will not clap for the words who’s meaning is mild
We will simply applaud every Father and Child


Ok so I wrote this one for a performance back in the day. It was for a Father and Son theme, and the backdrop of that theme was that the dad was a drug abuser. And with that in mind I wanted to tell the story of a man who found a path of light in the darkness he crept in. This one was a good one … people liked it … are you people? Secrets unveiled isnt the longest piece, nor is it the most complete one, but it darn sure is one that I am glad I wrote. Because with Secrets unveiled I showed to the public that I can write about darn near anything. So Secrets unveiled is more about just a junky finding his way back to sanity, but its also about the Secrets unveiled of a writer who feels like he can do more. So with Secrets unveiled, I am sure you get the viewpoint of me Vino Venitas.

So if you liked Secrets unveiled, I am sure you will like the book as well. And you might consider this book full of  Secrets unveiled … I bare some real emotions in this book.