Poetry sets language free

Poetry sets language free

Poetry is this amazing magical tool that allows your ever suffering vocabulary a chance at freedom. A chance at seeing the outside world and all the beauty it can possibly hold. Poetry is the key that will change your life if you allow it to. The most beautiful thing you can do with poetry is gain a new perspective on life.

People often tend to underestimate the value of their words and the way it affects not only the people around them but the very reality they reside in. The issue with that is that most people don’t even want to change their reality. They feel that poetry is just a way to show off all the fancy words you heard somewhere.

Poetry sets language free so let it take your soul away.

But poetry is so much more than that. Poetry is the way to release all those frustrating things you don’t have the words to express. Emotions can run rampant but poetry has this elegant way of cooling it down. This is why I love poetry, and if your vocabulary is a cage, then poetry is without a doubt the perfect way to set it free.

I am sure that this video will reach all those poets out there who feel the exact same way as I do. Because writing for us is the only way the world makes sense. And being able to finally release all those beautiful words you’ve kept to yourself is amazing.

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